CroppedVs Uncropped

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What do you perfer?


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    I prefer natural when it comes to ears and tail both. I just don't see the point in cropping or docking a non working dog. I don't like surgeries for aesthetic purposes only since a dog can't really consent to having that done to them like a person could.
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  • Nikki CaliNikki Cali Palos Hills
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    My dog is uncropped both ears and tail. In my opinion, it is unnecessary. The only reason to do so is for fighting purposes (once again, my opinion).
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    Some working dogs have their tails cropped for safety, and on rare occasions dogs that have frequent bad ear infections may benefit from cropping. Most of the time though it's just for looks and I think having surgery performed on a dog for looks is pointless. The shorter the ears are cropped the more it concerns me, on "pit bulls" the really short crops are known as "fighting crops" and I see absolutely no reason for it unless the person is planning to fight the dog or is keeping said dog around for a "tough person" or "gangster" image.
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    I love my ears uncropped, My pawpaw has something to hold on too when we are playing.
  • Dana LittDana Litt Seattle
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    uncropped. I saw a beautiful pittie yesterday, but his ears were cropped and I thought it really detracted from his face. Plus, Teddy's ears are SO expressive, I can't imagine them being cropped!
  • Lois McCoyLois McCoy Beaver Dam
    edited 15 March, 2010
    I think there's a right way and a wrong way to do anything. I've seen poor little puppies with ears that were cropped at an early age by someone that did not know what they were doing. Hoover's ears are cropped and were done by our Vet at the age of 3 months. He had horrible ear infections and cropping his ears made all the difference in the world. Attie has uncropped ears that make her so adorable. It's funny how expresive she can be with her ears. Her ears have never gave us any problems.
  • Sarah MaslankaSarah Maslanka Silver Spring
    edited 15 March, 2010
    Definitley natural. I wouldn't want someone cropping my ears. It if doesn't serve any purpose other than asthetic I don't think it's fair.
  • Jessica VockellJessica Vockell Hamilton, Ohio
    edited 15 March, 2010
    Absolutely uncropped. I love the Bat ear syndrome most puppies get before they grow into them. :c9
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    Natural. :c9 I have nothing against cropping and docking, tbh. To each his own and as long as the procedure is done safely, I'm not against it. But, honestly, I don't get why some people like the look. To me, the look of natural ears and tails is just beautiful.
  • Angie HuserAngie Huser Noblesville, Indiana
    edited 18 March, 2010
    UNCROPPED! The au natural look is what suits dogs best. Let the dog be in his natural state. Why cosmetically fix the dog to look a certain way? Unless it is medically required due to illness/infection/etc. Not so sure I can even get an board with the working class reasons. Speaking of cropping, did you know that when lambs are born they are born with long tails? I just found this out from a friend who has sheep. Where have I been??? Several weeks later, they put rubber bands on them to cause the tails to drop off. The lambs just lay down screaming and flailing around on the ground for almost an hour. They say it is a cleanliness issue. Not sure if I buy that. That was my mini rant.
  • Alexis HiggsAlexis Higgs the south
    edited 19 March, 2010
    Cropped. Jaden I have to say that is ridiculious. So everyone that has a pit bull with cropped ears are using them to fight?? :-k All my dogs ears are cropped and my dogs are strictly family dogs. That is a very narrowminded opinion. :)
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    I just noticed that was said. :-O Don't hunting dogs often have cropped ears depending on what they hunt? Don't some pit bulls hunt wild boar? Would they have cropped ears for boar hunting? I really don't know, so I'm really asking out of curiosity here. :-k
  • Dana LittDana Litt Seattle
    edited 21 March, 2010
    I saw a boxer today at the dog park with an uncropped tail and ears. He was SO much cuter being totally natural!
  • Alexis HiggsAlexis Higgs the south
    edited 21 March, 2010
    lilo.. it is preferred. I hog hunt and my lil female thats 38lbs took down a very large hog even though she has armor on it doesnt protect her head so if she were holding the snout which is where the grab, the snout or ear, and that mouth came around it could rip her ear right off then I would have bigger problems out there. SO yes I prefer a crop on a dog that hunts. :)
  • Carissa MaleckiCarissa Malecki Buffalo / Baltimore
    edited 22 March, 2010
    I much prefer un-cropped. Cuter, and "softer" look to the dog.... people tend to be more scared of dogs with cropped ears. Not something I need to deal with.
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    Kolbe, I fully agree. I can't imagine what kind of looks Daddy and I would get if he had cropped ears; as it is, most people are happy to see that he has natural ears. I don't think people would be as likely to come up and talk to us or offer compliments if he had cropped ears or a docked tail.
  • Lois McCoyLois McCoy Beaver Dam
    edited 22 March, 2010
    Not all APBT's that have cropped ears are used for fighting. Hoover is strictly a couch potato. That sounds very narrow minded for someone to say that. Hoover's ears were cropped for health reason. His ears are not that short the Vet that did his ears has been in practice for over 30 years and I told him to use his disgression but I didn't want them too short. I use to have a friend that was from Miami and she rescued her Pit from Miami and his poor ears were so short he almost didn't have any left. He had been rolled and fought and she saved his life. He and my Pit at the time "Buddy" got along wonderfully. Just because you see an APBT with cropped ears that does NOT mean that dog is used for fighting.
  • Lacy & Brandon LakeLacy & Brandon Lake Gatineau / Hull / St-Joseph
    edited 23 March, 2010
    Natural. It's our opinion that cropping should take place only in cases in which the dog is in urgent need of surgery OR if the animals job/work necessitates it.
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    All mine have uncropped ears! People often think show dogs need to have them cropped and it is untrue as I also show. In some countries it is illegal to crop.
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    some dogs look real nice with a crop, but id never crop mine
  • Lya AshleyLya Ashley Smethport
    edited 17 June, 2010
    Natural is the way to go!! How else would we give out those looks that make us who we are?
  • Dawn MarshallDawn Marshall Brandon, Florida
    edited 20 June, 2010
    There is absolutely no medical reason to cut off a dogs ears. It is CRUEL.
  • Allison SchaeferAllison Schaefer Vancouver Island
    edited 26 June, 2010
    I don't mind the look of cropped ears. Having said that, I do believe that cutting off a dog's ears just because we like the "look" is a terrible thing. Crop surgery is painful, risky and unnecessary. And it is not true that cropped ears prevent ear infections.
  • Shannon KrauseShannon Krause Milwaukee
    edited 26 June, 2010
    Absolutely uncropped. I agree with Ace that some dogs do look really nice with their ears cropped, but that being said, I'd never choose to have that done. Jackson's ears are one of my favorite things about him - I mean just look at those big bat ears! They're awesome! :)) A couple years ago I took Jackson to a bully breed 'fun day' and everyone there loved Jackson's ears, except for one woman. She told me in a rather snarky tone that I should have them cut off, and soon. :-O I thought for a second that she was joking, but then I saw her dog and he had the tiniest nubs left where his ears should have been. Poor dog, it was sad. :( So when I realized she was totally serious and that I didn't misread her tone, I asked her (with just as much snarkiness as she gave me) 'why would I do something so mean & cruel to my dog for no necessary reason? :? Just so he can look like your dog? No thanks. I like that my dog actually HAS ears, and his ears rock!' :D And then I told her she had been ripped off by whoever did her dog's ears 'cause they looked terrible. As I walked away from her, I told her she could pick her jaw up off the ground at any moment. She went out of her way to avoid me the rest of the day. :))! I didn't stay long after that, just long enough to show Jackson in his age & breed category (he came in 2nd!). ;c; But I didn't leave just because of her. A great majority of the dogs there were not dog-friendly like the info specified they should be and plus, the people there all seemed to be part of a clique. It was almost creepy. :-/ It was like being back in high school, only with a bunch of adults. :? From now on, I'm sticking with organized play dates and people that can appreciate a fine set of ears when they see one!!:)) I do want to add that I would never NOT adopt a dog just because it had cropped ears. Dogs don't make the decisions as to wether or not they want their ears cropped so who am I to hold that against a dog that's just trying to find a furever home?
  • Zandrea OlsonZandrea Olson Euclid
    edited 28 June, 2010
    Uncropped for sure. Especially because I think that Pit Bulls have the cutest natural ears. :)
  • edited 28 June, 2010
    Definately uncropped. IMHO unless it's for medical reasons it shouldn't be done. I used to work at a vet that did ear crops, and the poor dogs ears get so disgusting after the surgeries, they smell and get all red and raw, and the poor dogs always looked so relieved whem we removed the bandages each week for the bandage changes and then you have to do it all over again- it's like a small form of torture. I've also talked to a few people who called the hospital to ask about getting their puppies tails docked at around 8 or 10 weeks old. When I explained it was way too late to have it done, and it would be an actual amputation at that point, I still had people that wanted it done. I just don't understand :? Now if it's for a medical reason to make the dog more comfortable, then that's a different story. I think uncropped ears are cuter anyway- so much more character :D
  • Kenya HillKenya Hill Atlanta, Ga
    edited 2 September, 2010
    I definitely say uncropped. Cropping should only be down for working dogs and those with ear infections/problems. Anything else is just for intimidation factor or indications of fighting.
  • Patrick BohlerPatrick Bohler Petaluma
    edited 14 September, 2010
    I would never crop my dogs ears. In my opinion, it takes away from their personality. I love the big floppy ears on both my female APBT and my male Amstaff.
  • Clarissa HoltzClarissa Holtz Tallahassee
    edited 14 September, 2010
    Uncropped! My Coco has the most beautiful ears-love, love, love the natural look. APBT's have a bad enough image as it is (SADLY!), so I do everything in my power to make mine look as friendly, approachable, and the opposite of 'that' image as possible. We had a pittie when I was growing up whose tail/ears were cropped for aesthetic reasons (which I don't agree with). She was really sweet, but many judge a dog's temperment by his or her looks-we all know this is true, as we all know the APBT is a breed that already suffers from discrimination. I have to say when I see that done to a dog, I always wonder if the owner is trying to make their dog look tough and if so, why? I have never heard of a vet recommending ear cropping to prevent infection, so that is something new I read on this forum. I remind myself (still) to never automatically judge an owner when I see a dog with supershort ears, because I know some people who adopted pits from shelters (2/3 or more of ears had been removed by prior owners) and the adopters now get a lot of looks when out with pet in public-even though they'd never do this to their beloved pet. I just don't feel I have the right to do this to any animal for cosmetic reasons only.
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