just got a female golden retriever, registered, 6 m0nths old. she has a short coat, is there a short

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  • Tiffany CarsonTiffany Carson St. Marys
    Accepted Answer
    Labs and Golden are very simliar. Maybe it's a Lab? Labs have short coat. If your dog is a rescue, it could also be that it's coat was shaved before you got it and is still in the process of growing back.
  • Also, dogs with full coats often don't come in to their adult coat for a while. She could still be in her puppy coat. Or you could just be mistaken and she's a yellow lab.
  • Accepted Answer
    How short do you mean? My Golden has a shorter, thinner coat than most other Golden retrievers. She's still A Golden, but her coat is shorter & thinner. I'm actually quite happy about it because she rarely sheds.
  • Accepted Answer
    must be a lab...the only difference is the length of fur
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