Food Allergy? Diarrhea?

I adopted a dog from the shelter about a week ago and was trying to switch him from the Iams puppy formula to Halo puppy formula. Last night was the first night that he got a bowl of only Halo food. During the middle of the night he vomited and has had diarrhea ever since. I called the vet and they said to put him on a bland diet of chicken and rice until the diarrhea stops. Earlier in the week I noticed he was itching his hind end a lot and licking his rectum, he also likes to bite his feet and his breath smells like metal. Could this be an allergy to the new food? Does anybody have any other suggestions for helping with the diarrhea? I will be gone all day tomorrow and would rather not make my roommates take care of a sick dog. Finally, he has had at least 7 bowel movements within the last 12 hours and the last few I've noticed a few drops of blood, anybody know if this is just from "overuse" or should I be concerned?


  • Hi racquel, hello from singapore! may i know did you manage to treat your dog? iam having the same issue here exactly like yours just that he didnt poop that much but still so abnormal to poop 3-4 times watery kind... vet suggestes i try this dog food which i am feeding him now but i would like to know your solution! pls reply me :(

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    If the bland diet is not working he may need to see the vet... Most likely they will put him on a prescription that will stop it. It is also possible he is allergic to chicken so you could could change the chicken to turkey... be sure when you make the food its more rice then chicken/turkey.... Most pet stores also sell an over the counter liquid similar to pepto that you can add to their food that might help.

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