I'm planning to fly with my dog, does anyone have any experiences with it? I would appreciate any ki

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  • DeaDea NH ✭✭✭
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    I would do your home work. Not all airlines are created equal with the treatment of pets that fly. Some are great and some are really bad. Ask a lot of questions, like how long will she sit on the tarmac? Will she be in the sun and/or rain? Is the compartment she's in climate controlled? Will you be able to pick her up right away when you land? Etc. Good Luck!
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    If all other things check out in the welfare department. You need a suitable carrier for your dog's size, resist feeding him/her before flying or she could end up defecating or vomiting in his/her carrier and I beg of you don't use tranquillizers! There's no one to monitor his/her condition while flying and no access to a vet if something went wrong. Hope I helped :)
  • Kim KayKim Kay USA
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    If your pet is small, sometimes they will let them ride with you under the seat in their crate. •Each airline has its own set of rules for canine air travel. You should call for information and make arrangements well in advance of your trip. All airlines require health certifications and proof of vaccinations. Some airlines will not transport animals when it is extremely hot or cold. Dogs must be in an airline-approved crate when transported as cargo. Crates must be large enough to allow the dog to stand, turn and lie down without even it's hair touching the crate.Strong, with handles and grips, and free of interior protrusions. Leak-proof bottom covered with absorbent material.Ventilation on opposing sides, with exterior rims or knobs to prevent blocked airflow."Live Animal" label, arrows upright, with owner's name, address and phone number. Stock the crate with a comfortable mat, your dog's favorite toy, and a food and water cup, and your dog is ready to go.


  • You do not say whether the dog will be in the cabin with you or flying in cargo. They are different experiences. Either way, the most important thing is to get your dog used to the carrier it will be in. Start putting your dog in the carrier for short periods of time and gradually lengthen the amount of time until your dog comfortably stays in it for the amount of time that your flight will take. Happy Travels.
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