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Pet's name: Flicka
Pet's Hometown: A quiet place in Oklahoma
Pet's Birthday: 1st March 2006
Pet's Gender: Male
Breed: Blue Heeler

A little more about Flicka

FLICKA (the black/blue/white one !)

I rescued Flicka from a dark stinking bug infested Hell Hole. I had recently married a lovely American gent and come to live in the U.S. I had had the best girl in all the world in the UK... my Cleo. She was a black German Shepherd. She had died 18mths before I came here. Once I was here I was desperate for a dog and only lasted being here 2 mths before I found Flicka ! He was around 16wks old when he came into my life.

Flicka is very protective of me. He takes a while to get used to new people.. but once he does he loves them dearly. He takes to women better than men. We are working on his problems with people. He is such a loving soul with his ''family''. He loves to play in the water and recently introduced his little brother Lucas to the Lake !
UPDATE FOR FLICKA'S 3rd BIRTHDAY 1st MARCH 2009 Today is my Beautiful Boys 3rd Birthday. He was not supposed to see this day... he was a throwaway abused pup ... 12 hrs from death. This is a guess date... he was around 16 weeks old when he rescued me. He has grown into a wonderful dog. He still has one or two problems... but lets face it.. who or what doesnt ?. His loyalty is unquestionable and his love is unconditional ... and so is mine to him. He stood beside the hole in my heart that was left when Cleo died and he quietly built a bridge over it to my soul. Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy. When you curl up beside me at days end and let out that long contented sigh... simply KNOW it is the greatest gift you could ever give me
UPDATE FOR FLICKA'S 4th BIRTHDAY 1st MARCH 2010. Beautiful Boy ......... Happy 4th Birthday .1st of March is the day I have given you as your birthday. We will never know exactly when it was.. but maybe a new day that WE chose when you came and our love will help make up for whatever they did to you the first 16 weeks of your life.We have worked so hard this year to bury the last of the past ..... those issues that still haunted you. We have done well ..... we are work in progress!. I love you dearest boy.. you are so loving and loyal. That sigh at days end is still the BEST thing you could ever give me . Happy 4th Birthday Flicka ..... Love from Mum , Dad and Lucas. UPDATE 10th MARCH 2010 : Tonight Flicka gained his CGC. I am SO proud of him. This has been a rollercoaster 4 years... and seeing this night is more than I could dream of. We have a point to work from ... and as I have always known... never give up... never drop the leash. I love you Flicka.
UPDATE FOR FLICKA'S 5th BIRTHDAY 1st MARCH 2011.Beautiful Boy ....... ten days after your last birthday you made me even more proud. Despite all your problems... you achieved your CGC . I cried that night.. so SO proud of you. We are still work in progress.. but you have done so much this past year. Then ,you and Lucas looked after me and never left my side after the surgery I had. Between you, you checked on me and simply laid close to keep me safe. Every night when we go to bed you curl up tight beside me and I lay my hand on you and simply know you are my Heartshine. There are big changes coming this year.. and hopefully it will give us all a wonderful place to just "be". Happy 5th Birthday Flicka ..... Love from Mum , Dad and Lucas.
UPDATE FOR FLICKA'S 6th BIRTHDAY 1st MARCH 2012. Beautiful Boy... we finally got you a safe fenced place this last June to walk and sniff and just simply lay in the shade and "be" ! Your own 2 acres... your own Retreat.You finally felt easy enough to even initiate play with Lucas. We've come a long way in 6 years sweet boy. Still work in progress... but such big strides ! You still look to me to be safe and secure and thats ok.... I will love and keep you always... as you... rescued me. . Happy 6th Birthday Flicka... Love from Mum , Dad and Lucas
Beautiful Boy... how did we get to seven years !? You have continued to grow into being "you". You still find new people and other dogs hard. We dont see many of either.. and yet... you are better and more relaxed. Smiles.. still work in progress.You regularly initiate play now with Lucas ... your spirit is beginning to find the wind beneath its wings.. Our Good Night cuddle is still the most treasured of gifts. Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Boy ... Love from Mum , Dad and Lucas.
Beautiful Boy ... Oh my.... 8 years old ! I think you have finally become the dog you were meant to be . You will always bear mental scars ... but to see you with lucas playing in your own safe place is everything and more I could have asked for., Some things dont change... you are not easy with strangers and other dogs... but you let us guide you .The Good Night cuddle is still the golden time of my day with you. Happy 8th Birthday Flicka ... Love from Mum , Dad and Lucas.
Beautiful Boy......... Nine wonderful years. You are so loving with your family and protective of us. This year I have noticed you getting older. You are in good health but now have less of the Puppy and more of the Statesman ! There are still difficult things for you... but this year when John came.... you licked his face. That brought tears all round ! Our cuddle at night is so very very special. Happy 9th Birthday Flicka ... Love from Mum , Dad and Lucas.
UPDATE FOR FLICKA'S 10th BIRTHDAY 1st MARCH 2016. Beautiful Boy......... Ten amazing years. Its been a really hard year as we lost Lucas to The Bridge so suddenly. You miss him too. You are beginning to show you are getting older.. and you recently badly hurt your leg... but we are making it all better. There are still difficult things for you... but we love you so very very much. Our cuddle at night is so special. Happy 10th Birthday Flicka ... Love from Mum and Dad
Beautiful Boy......... Eleven amazing years now ! This has been another difficult year with Papa getting sick but he is now thankfully ok. You my Darling Boy have been always beside us. We love you very much. You are aging now.. that is as hard for us as you. Your mended leg seems to be ok.. but you have slowed down. There are white flecks coming in your black eye patch and ears... smiles.. yes.. the white gets to all of us. I help you onto the bed now but those bedtime snuggles are still the gold at the end of the day. Happy 11th Birthday Flicka ... Love Mum and Dad.

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Flicka ~ 1st March 2006 ~ 30th October 2017 ~ There is another Star in the sky tonight

Flicka died in my arms at 5pm today as the Vet and I sent him on his next Journey. My Beloved Troubled Boy is troubled no more.

Flicka (My Beautiful Angel) & Lucas (My Gentle Angel) & Cleo (My Beloved Angel) & Nerys
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