Introducing...Rescue dog that charges at my son when I am around. I think he is fears my son.

Pet's name: Zues
Pet's Hometown: Cumming GA
Pet's Birthday:2010
Pet's Gender:M
A little more about my pet(s):Rescued from a hoarding situation. Very aggressive and plays alpha around other males


  • I really need some advice. I adopted a dog from an SPCA that was rescued from a hoarding situation. He doesn't seem to like males. However my husband and a neighbor that walks with us sometimes he doesn't seem to have a problem with. Whenever my son is around he barks and charges at him and has even bit him. I feel he fears my son. He will take food from my son's hand but very cautiously. I don't know how to fix their relationship so there will be peace at home.
    When my son is home I have to isolate my dog to protect my son from being bit as well as to protect my dog from being kicked or punched.
    I tried to tell my son to use commands like stop and sit to the dog but he just swings at him. My kids think I love my dog more then them but that's not true I am very passionate about animals and I am afraid he will be put down or will not get a good home if I let him go. We have two other dogs that are rescues and my son gets a long fine with them.
    I need advice how can I fix this situation that my dog zues will learn to trust my son and understand there is no harm there?

  • Sandy_Kramer_etcSandy_Kramer_etc Bangor ✭✭✭✭

    I would suggest finding a trainer that will work with both your dog and your son. If the dog is afraid, then your son lashing out is gonna make it a lot worse. If they work on the issue together, your son may be more likely to bond with the dog.

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