Introducing... Jessi

Pet's name: Jessi
Pet's Hometown: Barberton, Ohio
Pet's Birthday: 12/9/2009
Pet's Gender: Female
A little more about my pet(s): Jessi is a timid dog and a mixture of Beagle, Bassett, and Boxer. With brown brindle coloring. She lost her best dog buddy of nine years to old age before Thanksgiving. Joey was her protector, he was 15. She is my support dog.


  • We have been trying to do more walking since Joey passed but I'm 69 and just about everytime we encounter dogs running loose or getting away from their owners. I have fallen and hurt myself a few times now. Before Christmas it was a full frontal fall with a bit lip and rips so badly bruised I could hardly walk. And the dog that attacked was being held by a seven year old who mother just stood there watching. It was ripping my jeans and trying to hurt Jessi.
    I have taken to carrying my gun and a billy club now. And I don't want to hurt another animal but I cannot deprive Jessi of the fun she has with all the new smells. And at my age I cannot chance breaking my bones.
    Can someone please tell me how I can enjoy my walks without either of us getting hurt. I need to get out as much as she does.
  • Sandy_Kramer_etcSandy_Kramer_etc Bangor ✭✭✭✭

    Carry a squirt gun and a can half full of pennies. If another dog approaches... shake the can... sometimes a loud strange noise will be enough to distract them. if that doesn't work then squirt him with the squirt gun... most dogs hate it and will turn away. If that doesn't work then I would use your club... any idiot who hasn't gotten control of their dog by the time it reaches you should expect you will protect yourself and your furbaby.

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    Sandy aka Thumper
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    We celebrate my birthday and Gotcha Day on Jan 3 though we do not know when I was born

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    We celebrate my birthday and Gotcha Day on Jan 3 though we do not know when I was born

  • Can't use spray bottle, Jessi is afraid of them. Also shaking can of pennies, noise would scare her. Good weather coming this weekend so want to get her out again.
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