Arrrrooooo! The Beagle pack: Scooter angel, Trudy, and Billy

Found dogster in 2006. Can't believe it's been that long. My two girls, Scooter and Trudy started out in the forums and we slowly found our way to groups. We made pals in both places. The friendships made have brought us a lot of support. It's my hope that the new company recognizes these special relationships. Here's my info:

Scooter, March 13, 2004-June 14 2016
Scoots LOVED LOVED LOVED food. More than anything else. She was never a kisser or a snuggler, but when she loved you or liked you, you knew it. We got her when she was a puppy. In 2009, we found out just how special Dogster was. Scooter was almost paralyzed and had to have emergency surgery to repair a herniated disc. I cannot tell you how much love and support we got. We will never forget that. Scooter was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 and she lived another 14 months after diagnosis. There was just something about my Scoots Scooter bug. She is one of the loves of my life. I still miss her more than you can know.

Loves: food, food, and food. Oh and us...second
Hates: not getting her way and when others take her food
Weight: 20 lbs
Favorite food: She was never picky and acted like everything was her favorite

Trudy Gotcha Day September 17, 2005
Trudy is approximately 15 years old. She's doing amazingly well. We adopted Trudy after we decided we wanted to get Scooter a little baby brother. Obviously that didn't happen, but we did little baby brother's mama! Trudy had just given birth weeks before to lab/beagle mixes. One thing I will say about Trudy is that she is the sweetest, most loving dogs ever. Children really love her too! I always thought Trudy would go before Scooter since she is a little bit older. Well, Trudy is still with us and I always felt like God said, " need Trudy to help you get over the loss of Scooter". Trudy has done that. I don't know what I would do without her.

Loves: walks! and snuggling in her blankets
Hates: when you lay with her. Yup...super sweet but she will get up and move if you lay down with her LOL
Weight: 30 lbs
Favorite food: I would say she loves BREAD more than anything. All manners go out the door.

Billy June 14, 2009, Gotcha Day September 25, 2010
Billy is the family snuggler. You can sit wherever you want, but Billy is going to lay right next to you LOL. We adopted Billy after Cindy (my wife) found him at an adoption fair. He was given up by his "rich" family because he was no longer a puppy (we adopted him at age 1). She just couldn't say no to this sweet boy. Billy has without a doubt bonded the most with Trudy. He just adores her. He loves to lay next to her and he hates it when she leaves him for any reason. He is what I would call our sensitive little man. He doesn't have a single mean, growly bone in his beagle body!

LOVES: now he loves food since he is on prednisone daily and he loves snuggling!
Hates: not getting her way...getting picked on. otherwise he is a pretty happy boy.
Weight: 25 lbs
Favorite food: He loves hamburgers...chicken....

We also have 2 cats, Lizzie and Gizmo. I'll definitely set up a page for them!

I hope I did this right!



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