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Welcome to our new community! Please find answers to some frequently asked questions below. Please note that the Catster and Dogster communities are still in Beta and we would love your user feedback! Please post any questions, concerns or suggestions for improvement in the We Want to Hear From You! section.

Where are pet profiles?
You can create a pet profile by going to our Pet Profiles pages. Fill out the form and tell the community a little bit about your pets. Upload some fun photos or videos of your best furry friend. You can update this post or add to it at any time, as well as search for similar pets. You can also edit your profile to have your pet's info by going to our Profile Extender.

Wait, but what about my profile when I sign in?
The Profile area is just like your Account Info area on the OD (old Dogster).
We suggest having your profile name encompass your whole family or all of your pets. Ex. Gabby_Merritt or maybe your name and DogsterAdmin_and_the Gang DogsterAdmin_and_the Group DogsterAdmin_and_Family DogsterAdmin_etc or maybe your last name and Admin_Dogs.

But where do I find my old profile info?

  • Check out: http://web.archive.org/
  • Once you get to the page, type in your pet profile ID from the old site. For example: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/748428
  • This part of the URL is the same: http://www.dogster.com/dogs/
  • But 748428 would be replaced by your unique pet ID number!
  • A calendar will appear. Click on one of the circled dates on the calendar. Preferably the most recent.
  • You will be taken to an archived page of your pet's profile.

And how would I save that info?

Don’t know your dog’s ID number?
You still might be able to find your dog’s profile.

  • Type in your dog’s name + Dogster + profile into Google.
  • For ex, Fluffy + Dogster + profile.
  • A few dogs will come up with links that do not work anymore, BUT you can use this information to help find your dog’s profile.
  • For ex., this profile comes up when I search Fluffy:
  • blog.dogster.com/dogs/329245
  • So, my dog’s ID # is 329245
  • I then go to https://web.archive.org/
  • And type in dogster.com/dogs/329245
  • I then get this page: https://web.archive.org/web/20140211223440/dogster.com/dogs/329245
  • You can also try searching by the name of your pet’s DIARY.

Why is my profile now my name instead of my pet’s name?
Pet profiles are now under human usernames. Please go to the Pet Profiles pagesand tell the community a little bit about your pet. You can also change your username to your pet's name, please see below.

What if I want to change my username?
You can change your username at any time! Simply go click your username in the upper right corner, click the green box "Me" button (green button with a person silhouette) and select EDIT PROFILE in the dropdown. You can now change your username to whatever you want!

Okay, but how can I add my pets to my user profile?
We have created a text field called Links to your pet’s profiles where we suggest you copy/paste links to all your pet’s profiles !

What if I want to sign off as a different pet?
We are working on solutions! For now, we suggest copy/pasting links to all your pets’ welcome profiles into your signature, and signing off as the pet you would like to be posting as.

Wait — how do I add a signature?

  • Go to your profile.
  • Click on the green box at right top and click on Edit Profile menu on right hand side.
  • Click on Signature settings.
  • Write what you want in the box (you can change it any time).
  • Click Save!

Can I add groups to my profile?
We’ve added a field where you can copy paste links to all your groups in your profiles!

Can I give my furry friends a gift?
You can add an image, past a video, add a gif, etc. at any time!

How do I keep track of my friends?
Bookmark the Welcome Posts for any of your favorite friends!

Can I have multiple accounts with the same email?
You will need a new email with each account you create.

Is my login for Catster and Dogster the same?
Catster and Dogster now have separate logins.


  • egnoliveegnolive Posts: 217Member ✭✭

    How do I find my old pet profile ID to access the old files?

  • Sandy_Kramer_etcSandy_Kramer_etc BangorPosts: 107,353Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited 1 October, 2017

    One way to find your dogs # is to go to google images... type in dogster (your dogs name) and sex and breed if you put those on their profile. Hit enter and a lot of pictures will show. look for one of your dog, Hover over it. if it says blog.dogster.com then you have one you can get the number from. Right click and copy the link address. Paste that into either a text program like word or you can use the address bar but do not click enter. look for "blog.dogster.com%2Fdogs%2F" the number following the 2f is your dogs id number. Put that number into the archive site and you should come up with your pets archived pages. If you want help let me know.. I have gotten pretty good at googling.
    NOTE (This does not work well for all dogs... seems to work better where there is more then one dog in the family)

    No Longer Lost BOL

    Sandy aka Thumper
    Sandy's Archived page
    We celebrate my birthday and Gotcha Day on Jan 3 though we do not know when I was born

    Kramer's Archived page
    We celebrate my birthday and Gotcha Day on Jan 3 though we do not know when I was born

  • The_Wild_OnesThe_Wild_Ones PhoenixPosts: 57,371Member ✭✭✭✭✭

    @DogsterAdmin how do we tag our pups' breeds? I helped a friend with her page and it was there, but when I went to add it to mine, that had already been done, it was not there.

    Rubio's Welcome Page*
    Birthday - March 25
    Gotcha Day - June 12
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    Birthday - July 4
    Gotcha Day - July 18
    Tango's Welcome Page*
    Birthday - May 5
    Gotcha Day - April 6
    Blaze's Welcome Page*
    Birthday - July 27
    Gotcha Day - October 31
    Rainbow Bridge Day - May 31
    Belle's Welcome Page*
    Birthday - February 6
    Gotcha Day - March 28
    Rainbow Bridge Day - June 5
    Daisy's Welcome Page*
    Birthday - May 5
    Gotcha Day - May 5
    Rainbow Bridge Day - June 19

  • Steve_GreenSteve_Green CrystalPosts: 73,135Member ✭✭✭

    For those who are struggling to edit their profiles:

    The accounts on the new site were set up with the human account holder's name as the Username, which meant that virtually all accounts have a space in that field. But the system will not allow you to save your profile with spaces in the Username, and it doesn't even give you a meaningful error message; it just says that the name already exists! Stupid, yeah... like so many other aspects of this site. Top Dog Ted must be spinning in his grave. Anyway... to be able to edit your profile and save the changes, you must remove any spaces from your Username or replace them with something else, such as an underscore.

  • B GB G Posts: 1Member
    I do not like this new dogster! Why should I have to search for something that I put in a long time ago?! It should already be on my profile page. I am done trying to search for my page with my dogs on it. I'm leaving dogster!!! Too bad, cause I really liked it.
  • Dawn FryDawn Fry LancasterPosts: 29Member ✭✭
    > @B G said:
    > I do not like this new dogster! Why should I have to search for something that I put in a long time ago?! It should already be on my profile page. I am done trying to search for my page with my dogs on it. I'm leaving dogster!!! Too bad, cause I really liked it.

    I too am having a very hard time looking up my dogs pages.Haven't found them yet! I too agree, it should already be on my profile page as I believe it was before. So far I don't like this new Dogster either.
  • DogsterAdminDogsterAdmin Posts: 88Administrator admin

    Hi there — Sorry to hear you're having issues! Please let us know your dogs' information and I will search for their profiles.

  • Walker_AlexandriaWalker_Alexandria GoshenPosts: 194,688Member ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Sandy_Kramer_etc can help you find your Archived pages :)

    Walker and Alexandria Welcome Page

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