Brie LewisBrie Lewis CrawfordvillePosts: 6,380Member
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BOL, it was recently discovered that I am Australian Kelpie!! BOL! So, is there anything interesting about our breed that I should know??


  • Raven FloresRaven Flores St. Croix CountyPosts: 29Member
    edited 4 April, 2007
    WOW...are we the only ones?
  • Jaime MitchellJaime Mitchell MilwaukiePosts: 211Member
    edited 31 May, 2007
    Nope! Me too.
  • Kelly BrownKelly Brown QLDPosts: 10,991Member
    edited 10 June, 2007
    If you come to my kelpiewebsite , you will find out a lot of facts about them. =D>
  • Shelley MurrayShelley Murray MooroolbarkPosts: 1Member
    edited 26 June, 2007
    Just that we're smart, cute and full of energy!!!!
  • Kodi CalhounKodi Calhoun Columbia CityPosts: 7Member
    edited 12 July, 2007
    I'm a kelpie! I was rescued from the shelter at six months. Momma thinks that my old People got me as a puppy and as I grew up and became destructive, they had to say goodbye. I love kids -- I possibly had one or two young ones with my old People. The shelter staff said I was a 2 year miniature pinscher mix...but I grew several inches in only a few months, and my teeth were in 'great' shape, says the vet. He told my momma that I was probably only six to seven months old. My Momma and her family weren't ready for a puppy. They were expecting a two year old, as the staff said. I tore up a screen door, destroyed Gramma's plants and garden, and was afraid everytime they left me in a crate, so I screamed and cried until Momma got angry and frustrated. Mom did some research and found SEVERAL kelpies that look just like me! She even met another kelpie parent with a handsome red and tan stock boy named Drifter! Drift's mom told Momma that I was probably a 'stack/bench' kelpie, bred for the show rings, whereas Drifter was bred to work cattle and sheep. Momma almost gave up on me, I was such a troublemaker as a pup. As of July 3rd, I've lived here for a year and am now a year and a half. She took me in her last year of 4-H obedience, and our show is Saturday. The dog leader messed up, though, and we didn't have enough meetings so I didn't get to learn what I needed. Momma says I have to 'work offleash'...and she gets frustrated with me when I don't do what I'm supposed to. Wish us luck on our show! I shall tell everyone here how I did! < 33 Indi
  • Kate CryingEagleKate CryingEagle Battle CreekPosts: 67Member
    edited 16 August, 2007
    Hey all you other Kelpies...BOL!!!!! I am Kelpie and Basenji mix, so I think I got the best of both breeds! Right now I am being trained to be a service dog for my mom, who has MS and Fibromyalgia and some major depression...but when I get home she won't have so much depression any more...I already have my CGC, and in a month I will be a registered service dog! Do any of you have fun with your moms and dads like being able to go to stores and movies with them? Mom wants to find out about both breeds so she will be up to speed when I get home. You guys have any good info I can steer her to???
  • Derrick DoryDerrick Dory TonopahPosts: 10Member
    edited 22 October, 2007
    nope! I gotta blank on that!:))!
  • Katie FornadelKatie Fornadel Morgan HillPosts: 56Member
    edited 15 January, 2008
    I adopted a Kelpie knowing NOTHING about the breed and have had to become an expert pretty fast. Here are a few things I learned from experience and from books: ~Kelpies are hard workers; they can run around for hours without tiring (to the point of heat exhaustion…make sure your dog gets plenty of water and rest) ~Kelpies are also extremely smart and persistent. Those don't always go hand in hand though. He can figure things out easily (opening boxes, opening doors, finding where I hid things, figuring out that if I run behind something that I'll come out on the other side, etc), but sometimes he's persistent for hours with something that isn't working. For example, he has his favorite tennis ball that is forever stuck under the couch. He'll dig and dig and dig for more than an hour with no success, but he won't stop until I stop him. His intelligence and persistence do go hand in hand when it's play time. He loves chasing this one ball around the house and will drop it into my lap for up to five hours at a time so I throw it for him. The game doesn't end until I put the ball away. If the ball's in my lap but I don't throw it, he'll pick it up and drop it in my lap again and again until I throw it. ~Kelpies aren't Golden Retrievers or Labs. If you want the cutest dog in the world, well, in my opinion, you’ve got it. But if you want the friendliest, most people-oriented dog...don't get a Kelpie. While Cal is great with kids and adults alike (at the dog park the other day he played fetch with a 2-year-old), he doesn't love people. He's not overly affectionate and doesn't ever ask for attention. From what I’ve read and experienced, Kelpies are one-person dogs (or maybe two people). They love their family, but couldn’t care less about other people. This is evidenced in Cal’s eyes when people are petting him…he’s always looking away. He rarely looks at you when you’re petting him…he’s always alert, always looking for the next thing to do. ~Kelpies aren’t guard dogs either, but they’re always alert. Those ears are always pricked and the eyes are always watching things go by. I can’t leave a room without Cal following me. The door can’t open without him barking and running toward it. When someone new enters the room, he HAS to go investigate. ~Kelpies are very trainable. Cal is always eager to please; he was “sitting” within four hours of bringing him home from the shelter. This makes them excellent agility dogs. Agility is a great way to keep a Kelpie’s mind and body occupied while also building that owner-dog bond. Remember that a trainable, intelligent dog needs something to keep its mind busy. Everything I’ve learned about Kelpies has been from Cal and from several books and websites. I recently came across this bit on petfinder and it really struck a chord with me: I hope this was helpful!
  • Jessi HigginsJessi Higgins Posts: 1Member
    edited 23 January, 2008
    My kelpie is almost two and still cant get let off the lead at a park. i was wondering if this is alright. When we let him off he just DOESNT come back. He gets So easily distracted i was just wondering what to do to help him come off. He is very smart and knows lots but just DOESNT come.
  • Katie FornadelKatie Fornadel Morgan HillPosts: 56Member
    edited 24 January, 2008
    I had Cal for seven months before he would come back to me at the dog park. How long have you had Tasman? It could be a Kelpie thing. They are known for working independently (as opposed to Border Collies, which tend to look to people for guidance). Tasman may just have a stronger working drive which makes him more independent than Cal may be (he is fiercely independent though). Cal's favorite thing to do at the dog park is to grab a ball or toy and circle the other dogs and people, eyeing them and hoping to entice them into a game of chase. For seven months, whenever I would try to round him up to leave, he would keep within ten feet of me, but never closer. It could take twenty minutes or more to corral him and get him out of the park, much to my embarrassment.
  • Rick WaldronRick Waldron brighton, maPosts: 2Member
    edited 5 May, 2008
    I'm here too! I just joined today... i'm trying to find some of my brothers and sisters. Know any kelpies that were adopted in massachusetts or rhode island? we were rescued from the bad storm katrina and brought here. my daddy met my sister stella, but we want to meet more!
  • Erica AndersenErica Andersen Posts: 32Member
    edited 6 November, 2008
    I know Kelpies aren't supposed to be real big on people, at least not a bunch of them but Molly is such a people dog it's scary! We take trips to the nursing home and she insists on going into every room and get loved on by each resident. Her favorite thing is when they have thier exersize class and they are all in a circle in the wheel chairs and they toss a beach ball back and forth and Molly gets to be in the middle and herd the stary balls back to people to throw again. She's a crowd pleaser. And LOVES to be cuddled and loved on by anyone who will offer a hand.
  • Yvette VandenbergYvette Vandenberg San MateoPosts: 1Member
    edited 13 November, 2008
    Tipper likes to say hello to all the humans at the dog park or where ever she is. She enjoys humans but definitely is attached to me and sometimes to my boyfriend (her legal guardian) The best Kelpie "trick" I have ever seen her perform is the "Golden Retriever pond". We were in Tahoe and she insisted that all the Golden Retrievers need to be herded into a pond and she did not want them to leave.
  • Erin RyanErin Ryan Posts: 1Member
    edited 17 November, 2008
    the golden pond thing is so funny!! we have had oso for about a year now and we have been so blessed. when we got him he was so mistreated we called him the guy who just got out of jail, overwhelmed by everything. but after alot of work he has become an amazing dog. we were living in front of a cow pasture and one day he got off his leash. within 5 minutes he had herded all the cows into a ball and put them in the barn!! i was amazed, the farmer was there and told me anytime oso wanted to herd just to let him.
  • kitty catkitty cat Al tunaPosts: 3Member
    edited 24 May, 2009
    I 'm a Kelpie, too.
  • Christine WilsonChristine Wilson Dayton, TxPosts: 24Member
    edited 10 June, 2009
    Me three :q
  • Tom KurakTom Kurak BrecksvillePosts: 3Member
    edited 20 June, 2009
    I just found out that I'm a Kelpie too. Now my owners expect me to be smart and do useful things.
  • Valerie StrawValerie Straw Posts: 1Member
    edited 20 June, 2009
    When my mom adopted me they told her I was a Cattle Dog Cross. But then she saw a picture of a Kelpie that looks exactly like me and then found a list of characteristics, like water proof double coat, and I have all of them! So now she knows I am a proud Kelpie and doesn't make rude comments about my father anymore.
  • Mark StevensMark Stevens Llandudno, North WalesPosts: 5Member
    edited 5 July, 2009
    I'm a Kelpie too !!
  • Abbie GirlAbbie Girl Posts: 2Member
    edited 19 July, 2009
    Abbie*G here! I'm the first pro surfing Kelpie (sponsored by Oakley). Kelpies are the best surf dogs! Check me out at Dad also got a doggie cam today and created a POV surf video!!
  • Leah StratesLeah Strates Posts: 2,684Member
    edited 31 March, 2011
    Boo! Jacky boy is a Kelpie too! He's a naughty dog. Really. He tugs on his lead, digs holes, chews his sheepskin, destroys his toys and can't stay still for a second. He's not the cuddliest dog in the world, doesn't like pats that much, but he is very loving. I should have named him 'shadow' because that's what he is; my shadow. He follows me everywhere, right by my side. If he's running and just a spot on the horizon, a whistle from me brings him running back. He's really a one man, or one woman dog, like so many others in his breed. They usually only truly bond with one member of the family. He may be naughty and full throttle but he's a wonderful, beautiful soul too. He was a farm rescue - his owner was getting ready to shoot him as he could not work properly. When I got him he looked like a stray. He had been on a chain, outside, in rain, sleet, snow, heat, for over a year. He had been let off only a few times. He seems to have a problem with his back leg from the constant restraint on soft dirt. No dog house - the others had them but he was not allowed near. Barely any food - his ribs showed, his hair was falling out and he STANK. I took him away from that place to try and give him the bets life that I could. I'm happy to report that his life is a hundred percent better now. :) I love Australian Kelpies!
  • Debbye CampbellDebbye Campbell Frisco, TXPosts: 1Member
    edited 27 May, 2011
    I was rescued from a shelter and they said I was a german shepherd/blue heeler mix. Once I got home, my mommy did some research and she thinks I look exactly like a kelpie. If anyone here disagrees, please let me know. It's hard not knowing where I come from... :D
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