How much does your pom weigh?

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Well..lately I've been weighing Chester and he's about 13lbs. I was very surprised cause I always thought poms were small,like Derby's weight 3lbs. I don't know whether I should feed him less which I'm doing now..(Now he's only being fed once a day) and I have no clue what else to do :? We are trying to break the habit of him eating treats,beef filled bones,anything laying around the floor such as pencils,pens,bottle caps..but I catch him before he eats the whole thing so he DOES NOT eat it. I just wanna know the average weight of all the poms,just to get to know stuff |$| thanks a lot :D XoXo, Da Poms :o)


  • Mary DeLoshMary DeLosh Posts: 66Member
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    Well lets see King Arthur goes between 10 an 13 pounds and is 18 months. Guinevere is a tiny 4.5 to 5.5 pounds and is 17 months. Lancelot is a whopping 10 pounds and is 8 months. What has your vet said about his weight? And I wouldn't cut back to once a day just divide the food for the day into two meals these dogs are prone to hypoglycemia so they need to get good food and plenty of water. Each of my babies gets 1/2 to 3/4 cup of food a feeding and get feed 2 times a day, so 1 to 1 1/2 cup a day. Sometimes they eat everything and sometimes they don't. I have seen several poms that were over 20 pounds( they didnt look like poms). Standard per AKC is 5 to 7 pounds. If he has long legs and a long body 10 pounds would sound right. =;
  • Lisa RichmondLisa Richmond ManchesterPosts: 7Member
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    Freddy is 11 months and weighs in at a whopping 15lb 12oz (7.15kg) and Henry is about 8lbs and is 5 months old. As long as your dog isn't fat, then he is probably just a big Pom. I don't have any concerns with Freddy's weight because he is a very active dog and doesn't have a lot of treats and he isn't overfed. I can still feel his ribs and my vet doesn't have any concerns either.
  • MaryBeth PacificMaryBeth Pacific TroyPosts: 45Member
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    At 16 weeks I weigh almost 3 pounds
  • Sarah HeyingSarah Heying IndianapolisPosts: 7Member
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    I weigh 9lbs. even though my parents never reached more than 6lb. My ribs can easily be felt and I exercise at the dog park several times a week to stay fit. I love to run! I eat about 1 cup of high protein kibble a day.
  • AMANDA CORDEROAMANDA CORDERO Miami, Hialeah, Miami SpringsPosts: 7Member
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    Hello, my 1st pom (out of 3) weighs 9 lbs and the vet told me he was healthy. I do limit he's treats to only 1 a day or 2 crackers if I'm training him and teaching him tricks.
  • elizabeth weemselizabeth weems San DiegoPosts: 58Member
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    I weigh 7 lbs and I'm eight months old. I wonder if I'm going to get any bigger?
  • darlene coplindarlene coplin Posts: 71Member
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    i am 7 months old and wt. 4 what age are pommies full grown?..and i think she is coming into her first heat this about the right time?..sorry if i sound dumb..this is my first pommie..and i would drive my poor vet crazy if i called and ask a million questions if i can get just as good advise on her from other pommie parents..thanks..
  • Nona LongNona Long Posts: 16Member
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    Show poms weight varies from 3-7 pounds. But as you know "real" poms come in all sorts of packages - thank goodness!!! Napoleon has a weight problem. So do I for that matter :-O But if a pom is overweight it could have other serious side effects. Napoleon has already had surgeries for his luxating patellas (knees). Even being slightly overweight can affect their little knees. I think each pom owner needs to work out with their vets what is the right size for their pom. Napoleons vet said his weight should be around 6 pounds. We flux from 6-9 pounds. Its a constant battle, but something we work on each day. I'm glad you put this out there for everyone!!!!
  • Lisa RichmondLisa Richmond ManchesterPosts: 7Member
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    I haven't brought up the topic of Freddy's weight with the vet. I've noticed at the vet's they have a breed info page on the computer with notes on every breed. I hope my vet doesn't think Freddy should weigh only four or five pounds as this would be simply ridiculous.
  • Debby BergeronDebby Bergeron Bunker Hill,Posts: 51Member
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    I just found this forum and love it here....I have 5 (yes 5) pomeranians.....They range in size from 3 1/2 lbs to 5 1/2 lbs....So mine are somewhat small...The 3 1/2 lb one is considered a pocket pom.....As you can tell I love poms!!!!!
  • Kisty BarnesKisty Barnes GreenwoodPosts: 70Member
    edited 29 December, 2007
    I'm a pomeranian mixed with a maltese, and I weigh 4lb and 8in tall, I'm still a puppy though, mommy says I'll still grow some more.
  • Donna TiconchukDonna Ticonchuk ApalachinPosts: 20,943Member
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    I go between 10 - 11 lbs and will be 3 in April. The vet said I am at a perfect weight since my ribs can still be felt easily and I do not have the beginnings of any knee problems. I run around like crazy so I am very active. I am fed 2x'a aday....1/4 cup each time and snacks (home made)once in awhile. Never am I fed table food. My parents are of "average size" with mom being 8 pounds and dad is 10. Brothers and sister run from 8 - 13 pounds.
  • Heather HauptliHeather Hauptli MinnesotaPosts: 14Member
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    I'm 4 1/2 months old and I weigh almost 10 pounds. The vet says I'm fine and I'm not overweight. I'm just a big Pomeranian boy.
  • Heather MacAnannyHeather MacAnanny Dover, DEPosts: 167Member
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    My pom is almost 5 months and probably weighs about 4lbs. She was 3 lbs 3 oz. 6 weeks ago? I haven't had her weighed lately but I think she is pretty average.
  • JULIE REYNOLDSJULIE REYNOLDS St. LouisPosts: 10,984Member
    edited 3 January, 2008
    Hi everypom! :-h I am 5 years old and a slim, trim 11 pounds. The vet says I am perfect! Mom can feel my ribs just fine and I love to run around. I get 1/4 cup kibble + 1 tsp canned food twice a day. Mom just got me a few weeks ago so she is still trying to figure out how much I can eat and still maintain my perfect girlish figure. |$|
  • Raquel RuizRaquel Ruiz LakelandPosts: 32Member
    edited 4 January, 2008
    The AKC standards for pomeranians is as follows: "The average weight of the Pomeranian is from 3 to 7 pounds, with the ideal weight for the show specimen being 4 to 6 pounds. " I have seen very large Pomeranians, some as large as my beagle. I think alot of that has to do with the breeder. A rule of thumb is to breed a small male (3-4 pounds) with a larger female ( 6-7 pounds). I have been breeding Poms for a number of years, and I have never had a Pom that exceeded 8 pounds. Don't buy from pet shops where you cannot see the size of the parents. Search for a reputable breeder that has both parents on site so you can gauge the puppy's future size. Only cut down on the food intake if your Pom is fat in the pudgy sense. Cutting down on calories is not going to stop him from growing any more, and can trigger hypoglycemia, which is a common problem among Pomeranians. Hope this helps! =;
  • Laurie TeodoroLaurie Teodoro San JosePosts: 30Member
    edited 6 January, 2008
    Chocolate is 9lbs and the vet says he's overweight...
  • Hillary S-Hillary S- British Columbia, CanadaPosts: 66Member
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    Toby is 8 months (full grown) and 5.5lbs
  • Amy BucknerAmy Buckner PHOENIXPosts: 65Member
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    I went to my vet check-up recently and I weighed in at 4.3lbs. Mom and Dad are surprised because they were expecting me to get much bigger!
  • Porschia' MalonePorschia' Malone St.LouisPosts: 31Member
    edited 9 January, 2008
    My pomeranian weighed 9 lbs and 6 oz at 6 months. I have not weighed her in awhile and she is 8 months. I am sure she is about 10 lbs now. But she is not fat....she is just a big pomeranian. But I wanted a bigger dog for my first pet.
  • Roxanne JohnsonRoxanne Johnson Traverse CityPosts: 6,982Member
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    Maddy is 7 years old and 8 pounds Precious is 11 years old and 10 pounds Both are extremely active and the vet has never said they were overweight or anything. Both have a visible "waist line" and I can easily feel their ribs. Good enough for me! I read that historically pomeranians were quite a bit larger, closer to 30 pounds. Could you imagine all that attitude in a big package? BOL
  • Jess StoutJess Stout Posts: 16Member
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    Moxie weighs 7lbs. and she will be a year old next month. She was only 2.5lbs when I got her. (so tiny) I purchased her thru my vet so I was able to talk with the breeder about her parents. Her father was 7lbs also and I believe her mother was 6lbs. She's a delight at any weight!
  • Mary DeLoshMary DeLosh Posts: 66Member
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    :-h The original Poms were indeed 20 to 30 pounds and were used for sled dogs they have been breed down in size over the last 2oo years. If you can I recommend getting the Pomeranian Magazine published by the Dog Fancy Magazine.(Petsmart has it) It has a great article about the first poms. And explains about pups being born from small parents and weighing over 10 pounds"throwbacks". As I posted before my poms range in size from a fat 6 pound Guinevere, a 9 pound Lancelot and a fat 12 pound King Arthur(whose parents were both under 6 pounds). My two new females (not on dogster yet) are Cuddles 9 pounds and Sandy 12 pounds. I am constantally reading about the breed and am fascinated with how they originated. Everybody with an "out of standard" Pom needs to remember what the first pom was and that they dont have to meet standard to be a beautiful Pomeranian.
  • Roxanne JohnsonRoxanne Johnson Traverse CityPosts: 6,982Member
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  • Gina SmithGina Smith TXPosts: 714Member
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    I think the attitude got more concentrated as the dogs got smaller :)) I would have to agree with the previous comment about it being on the breeder. Sadly I have talked with breeders who were less than reputable, that would brag about how large a litter they are able to get using large females (usually around 15 pound or so). A standard pomeranian litter of 1-3 pups (from parents close to standard) is not seen as profitable to someone who is in the business of using puppies to make money (outside of teacups). Seeing that responsible breeders are severly out numbered by BYBs, mills, and great pet owners who mean well...I would sooner look to the breeder than to the throwback gene. Does all of this matter if you already have a pom...not in the least bit. Just be careful to watch weight since it tends to be hidden under the fur.
  • Cheryl BockholdCheryl Bockhold Memphis, CordovaPosts: 14Member
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    Snickers (9months)weighs about 4-5lbs & Shadow(9 yrs) puppy weighs about 10lbs & we are farther & Son :))
  • Lisa MainLisa Main Posts: 1Member
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    Well I have well pedigreed dogs I breed and am trying to get one to show, but these are around the weights you want Bambi weighs3.5 lbs Flirt weighs 5.2 lbs Sonny weighs 4.6lbs As for when a pom is full grown they are considered full grown at 18 months!!!
  • Kelsey MracekKelsey Mracek West MonroePosts: 2Member
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    Me, Zoey, at one year, weighs 4 pounds. Lucia, at 6 months, is about 2 pounds.
  • Kelsey MracekKelsey Mracek West MonroePosts: 2Member
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    Me, Zoey, at one year, weighs 4 pounds. Lucia, at 6 months, is about 2 pounds.
  • Beth MannsBeth Manns SterlingPosts: 102Member
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    My boy is around 11-12 lbs (hard to tell since he won't stay still on the scale)! He has a beautiful coat, healthy, active, stays trim easily, and the Pomittude I'm sure everyone here knows about! I know he isn't the "standard" "ideal" whatever, I don't care, he has a beautiful, flowing and very shiny coat. Everyone always comments on it. I think he is gorgeous and the perfect size!!!=D>
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