Yorkie or Silky?

Chrissie MillerChrissie Miller Posts: 1Member
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I got my puppy from a yorkie breeder and I\'m trying to figure out if she is indeed a yorkie or if she is a silky terrier. We went to the dog park today and I was talking to some fellow yorkie owners and one said that her breeder told her it was a yorkie but was in fact a silky. It doesn\'t really matter to me, but I was just curious and was trying to see if anyone had any opinions as to whether she is a yorkie or silky. I have more pictures if you can\'t tell from the couple I have posted. She is almost 5 months old and weighs about 8 pounds


  • amy lowamy low Posts: 195Member
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    Looks yorkie to me.
  • michelle oermanmichelle oerman YorkPosts: 131Member
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    My dog Hula is half Yorkie and half Silky~he looks all Yorkie except he weighs 11 lbs. which reflects the larger size of the Silky....he is as cute as can be and I wouldn\'t trade him for a full breed any day-I love my hybrid baby!! Hula\'s mommy
  • Gary RichardsGary Richards Posts: 1Member
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    Yorkies and Silkies are often confused with one another. Their faces are indistiguishable , the difference is their torso length. Yorkies are compact with their length more closely matching their height. Silkies have a longer (more dachschund-like) torso length and that's the reason they weigh a couple pounds more than the Yorkie.
  • Kim SiskKim Sisk Posts: 5Member
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    It's hard to tell and you will have some Yorkie "purists" who will say that a Yorkie must be 7lbs or under. I have a 6 lb yorkie and I have people comment on how "big" she is!?! Oh well, good thing we don't love our dogs according to how SMALL they are :)
  • GanowPupsGanowPups FriscoPosts: 6,520Member ✭✭✭
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    Our Yorkie is 10 lbs. I had someone tell me to be that big she has to be a Silkie. I inquired on a Yorkie website (www.yorkies.com) and they told me she is a Yorkie and that they have seen Yorkies as big as 20 lbs.

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  • Rita FleenerRita Fleener Posts: 1Member
    edited 11 April, 2009
    My vet said the silkie is larger than the Yorkie but looks the same. The standard size for a Yorkshire terrier is 7 1/2 lbs; anything larger could be considered a Silkie. That's my understanding. Might want to Google for information also.
  • Oliver DawsonOliver Dawson Posts: 3Member
    edited 6 September, 2010
    Hello, It looks half-yorkie and half-silky to me. Best regards, Oliver and Kyra Author of Obedience Training For Dogs blog
  • Dara CotlerDara Cotler Posts: 46Member
    edited 10 November, 2010
    Half yorkie, half silky to me, which is beautiful! I actually had someone ask me if Fiona is a silky since she is fairly larger than most yorkies, she is about 12.3lbs, but she is pure yorkie!
  • Donna WadeDonna Wade Posts: 8Member
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    My Sadie is a silky I have pictures of her posted if you want to see. Scooter is a yorkie-poo.
  • sarah hippernsarah hippern Posts: 2Member
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    If you "Yorkie" is over 7lbs it IS a silky. It may be mixed with a Yorkie but does have SILKY in it. They are basically the same except silky have a bit longer body and snout....its not always easy to tell the difference but a Yorkie is under 7lbs.....you can argue the fact all you want but it's the truth! heres a good link....http://tessier-silky-terriers.com/?page_id=33
  • sarah hippernsarah hippern Posts: 2Member
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    for got to add.....I bought a Yorkie from a "reputable" Breeder and she turned out to be a mix of Yorkie and Silky...She's beautiful and everyone just thinks she's a Yorkie...She weights usually around 8 lbs. Our obedience trainer told us this (confirmed by our vet) so I did alot of research and all knowledgeable sites stated that a Yorkie has to be 7lbs or under anything over is a Silky or Silky/Yorkie mix. I went back to the Breeder and she insisted Maggie was a pure Yorkie....she promised me she would look into it and she did come back and tell me one of the great grandparents of her Dam ended up being a Silky. I could care less really that she's not 100 % Yorkie.....She's an amazing dog and I wouldn't trade her for anything!
  • Lisa ThomasLisa Thomas Posts: 1Member
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    A few things are different most of the time. Silkys tend to have wavy coats, longer muzzles, and longer bodies. I think Frodo is half Yorkie half Silky. He was rescued from a Yorkie puppy mill in Missouri.
  • FerroyorkFerroyork Posts: 7Member
    No wonder some people tell you your yorkie is a Silky, cause of the size. But wrong. From the very beginning of Yorkie history Yorkies could be about 16-20 lbs.
    (Huddersfield Ben). But in the end of 19:th Century Yorkies were bred smaller.
    Those who don’t know much of Yorkie ancestry think all Yorkies were like the show dogs are now, up to 7 lbs.
  • FerroyorkFerroyork Posts: 7Member

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