Eskies and a Shiba Inu - anyone?

Rachelle BRachelle B Des MoinesPosts: 136Member
edited 19 November, 2009 in American Eskimo Dog
I have a 4+ yr old Pesky Eskie and she's my baby..:) I'm considering getting a Shiba to keep her company. Just wondering by any chance if anyone here has that combination and how well, or not, it works out! Thanks!!! (Dolly is a mini, spayed and right at 20 lbs)


  • Tonya ColeTonya Cole LafayettePosts: 10Member
    edited 5 January, 2008
    I would get another eskie. I have an eskie who tends to get along more and hang out more with other eskies vs other breeds. i am not too familiar with the shiba inu breed but i have heard from a owner that they are kind of weird..this shiba in particular did odd things like followed shadows and stared at spots on the walls for hours. things like that. I just know that Eskies absolutly love other Eskies which is why i always bring my Eskie to see her mom and her sister and to make many eksie friends
  • Jacqueline PletscherJacqueline Pletscher Las VegasPosts: 43Member
    edited 14 January, 2008
    Shibu Inu\'s are a Spitz breed same as Eskies but they are Japanese in origin. I\'ve heard Shibus can be somewhat cat like -- very smart but a bit cold.
  • Elizabeth BanchiElizabeth Banchi MorristownPosts: 3,382Member
    edited 21 January, 2008
    Hm, I don't think I've ever really met a shiba so I don't know what to tell you. Snowie gets along with everyone!! She always got along very well with Sassy(in my family) though.
  • Cortney CCCCCCortney CCCCC Posts: 5Member
    edited 26 September, 2009
    I know this is an old post but Ive known a few Shiba Inus and think they are great! Ive known four of them and the owners of three of them had such great things to say and said they are super smart, very sweet, and very playful. I groomed all them and they did really well. Only one ( a four month old) was quite a handful but was getting ready to start his puppy training commands and was such a fun-loving dog...just needed some guidance but had a great owner who was working with him. He wasnt totally out of control or anything just a little more rambuctious (sp?)
  • Shennyn OsborneShennyn Osborne Posts: 1Member
    edited 19 November, 2009
    If its not to late. :) I have an Eskie. Whom has had many brothers n sisters. The kind that seems to work the best is Brittany/J.Russell Mix
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