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Bear\\\'s knee surgery

Andrea WileyAndrea Wiley Posts: 5Member
edited 28 November, 2010 in Get Well Soon
First, I would like to wish all of your dogs well being and healing. If \"that time\" has come, I wish you the strength to do what you must. Last Christmas, I was playing and running with two loving pit-bulls and I slipped and tore my ACL and meniscus. Yesterday (June 5th) I had surgery and it will be about 4-months before I am healed. I had to spend the night without my mommy, who was at home worried beyond all belief. I didn\'t understand why my mommy left me alone all night in a strange place, but she left me her favorite sweatshirt so I know she will be back. It gave me great comfort having something that smells like my mommy here. Though I am in a lot of pain now and I will be going through a lot of therapy in order to be strong again, I know that my mommy loves me and will do everything she can to make me heal well. I will be able to go home today as soon as my doctor calls my mommy to let her know she can come get me. Wish me luck in healing!


  • Amy LermaAmy Lerma CornersvillePosts: 7,069Member ✭✭
    edited 6 June, 2008
    We are sending good healing vibes for a speedy recovery |:| King injured his stifle/knee about two weeks ago. It sure is painful and a bummer to be grounded.
  • Andrea WileyAndrea Wiley Posts: 5Member
    edited 6 June, 2008
    Good luck with King\'s knee also. The brace\'s are expensive (about $600) but it would have been a good thing to get when the injury first happened...instead of a $4,000 surgery months down the road. I\'ll keep this updated in case you ever need information on TPLO surgery. I am now home and kenneled. I was hungry and anxious to get home. I had a little accident in the car after the catheter was removed, but my mommy is understanding so she didn\'t even scold me. She just brought me outside when we got home so I could go pee again, then put me in the kennel so I couldn\'t move around alot like I wanted to do. She keeps giving me spoonfuls of yummy soft food and bacon to get me eating again but I think she\'s putting funny tasting pills in there too. BOY, was I thirsty when I got home! I think I\'ve drunk about a gallon of water so far and mommy keeps taking me outside to pee with this little strap under my belly picking up my weight. The doctor said I wouldn\'t have a bowel movement for about 3-days, but I already did and it felt good. |/h/| Mommy is also giving me massages even though the doctor didn\'t tell her to. She wants to keep my blood flow moving and my mental well-being in a happy state.
  • Tam AndersonTam Anderson Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 276Member
    edited 6 June, 2008
    wishing you the best for a really speedy recovery. i was put in a kennel too for a slipped disc. it sucks but you will feel better and get back to normal Aloha Magic .|:||:||:||:||:||:||:||:||:||:|
  • Andrea WileyAndrea Wiley Posts: 5Member
    edited 8 June, 2008
    Wow! That must have hurt! Here's an update: The first day home I cried all day long and fought being in my kennel and mommy didn't know what to do to help calm me down. She kept giving me 1/2 of a tranquilizer pill like the doctor told her to do, but I would not settle down. My leg was still bleeding from the staple that had torn out and mommy kept putting butterfly stitches over it and I would rip them off. Finally at night I went to sleep but got her up again at midnight so she took me outside to pee. I just wanted to wake her up. I was up crying again at 5am and she took me outside again, and then I had breakfast with pills and then I went to sleep and slept the entire day. Then came dinner. Mommy is spoiling me with things I never get. I had Tri-Tip fresh off the grill (and cooled down of course) but she wouldn't give me the BBQ sauce she had. I also a couple nibbles of corn and mushrooms and some more pills. Then I went back to sleep. Today I have been pretty good except I won't go poo. Mommy thinks it might be because it hurts to bend my bottom down. She still takes me outside every hour and tells me to go, but I haven't yet and now the sun is down. She did give me tri-tip again, but today with some gravy, peas, and pills. I wished I could have eaten her steak too, but when I gave her my baby eyes, she said "Oh NO...That's Mummy's" Oh well, I tried my best! I hope I don't ever have to go back to eating regular dry food, but my mommy says I will and this is only temporary to make sure I scarf up my pills. My leg was not bleeding this morning when I got up, and it's probably because I got a lot of rest yesterday and last night and didn't move around a lot. I let it rest again today because I got tired of trying to lick my leg and mommy not letting me.
  • Karen LandersKaren Landers DentonPosts: 14Member
    edited 9 June, 2008
    Hi Bear, I hope you get well real soon. I\'m having knee surgery as well...June 12th. I injured myself running and jumping too much. I am praying and sending positive thoughts your way. Take it easy, my friend. Love and puppy kisses, Mugsy
  • Indiana LudlamIndiana Ludlam Salem CountyPosts: 129Member
    edited 10 July, 2008
    Hi Bear! I hope you are doing better! I'm a little scared because I hurt my ACL and went to the vet today to take a nap so he could see if it's torn. My mommy is scared that I will need surgery too. She'll find out later today what is going on. She doesn't know how she will keep me calm after surgery if I need it. I don't take too well to crate rest. I'm sooo nervous! Feel better!
  • Andrea WileyAndrea Wiley Posts: 5Member
    edited 28 November, 2010
    Well, my mommy has been quite busy so she apologizes for not writing sooner. Did you have to have surgery too? I ended up having a second surgery, but on my other knee. Thankfully my mommy has insurance on me, but she would have done it anyway, no matter what the cost. My auntie had to take me in for the second surgery since mommy was in Iraq, but auntie took care of me just fine. I managed to escape my kennel once, but I knew I shouldn't have been walking around. My cousin Stewie (chihuahua) kept me company.
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