I am seriously thinking alaskan klee kai as next dog

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I am seriously thinking AKK as next dog......and I have done plenty of research on them but I want to talk to some other Klee Kai owners about the breed to make sure....


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    We aren't looking to get one right now but I know the waiting list tend to be long for this breed.....so I'm just curious about how far in advance do we need to get on one and anyone who is willing and able to answer my questions I would be happy to hear from...if you have time just let me know
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    My first question is how are they around other dogs and kids?
  • joel feliciojoel felicio Posts: 4Member
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    i could talk forever about my 2 klee kais...do you have any specific questions???
  • joel feliciojoel felicio Posts: 4Member
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    just noticed the kids and other dogs question....each of my two klee kais are great around kids...totaly gentle and never ever aggressive...not even when some tiny kids are abit aggressive ....same with being around other dogs....totally friendly and no problems at all...that is how my dogs are anyways...i am not a big fan of people labeling traits and applying them to entire breeds...sure there are certain dogs which were bred for certain things but i feel that with the proper socializing and training from birth any dog will be great with kids and other dogs as well...
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    Every dog breed can be either good or bad around children. It depends on the individual dog, and the owner and the training. My A.K.K. is very mistrustful of children, especially younger ones. She just doesn't have a child around her enough to get used to the idea and the noise. I have had a dozen or so dogs throughout my life, and usually I find it is the children that aren't good around dogs. Too many people don't teach their kids about properly respecting a dog and how to safely approach and interact with them. I can't even count the number of adults that try to pet my dog without asking, or with aggressive body language. The only reason I wouldn't recommend a Klee Kai around children is that they are fairly small dogs and are easily hurt by careless handling. These are not rough and tumble dogs.
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