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Saying Good-bye is so hard, but well worth it

Don GambrelDon Gambrel Lima, OhioPosts: 110Member
I have a really big soft spot for certain breeds of dogs. Huskies and pit-bulls are at the top of my list. I have spoiled every dog in my neighborhood. One dog stood out from all the rest and stole my heart. Next door to a place I moved into about 3 1/2 years ago has the biggest husky I ever seen and known. I found out later thru research that he was an Alaskan Malamute, he was a Husky in my book with those pretty blues and his singing to me. This dog (LaStat) didn’t get along with very many people. He loved all kid’s, and all the stray cats, which would come in winter to sleep on him. Having Huskies in the past, I understood the big boy. I started going over to talk to him and give him treats. Pretty soon, the owner and older lady tried to give him to me, because he loved me more than them. Unfortunately I already had 4 dogs and couldn’t take him in. So being the dog lover I am, I made arrangements to take him on walks and to play with him as often as I could. I noticed a week ago LaStat wasn’t being himself, he would take his treats and put them in a pile and return to his Dog house that was built into the side of a heated garage. I got up yesterday morning (2-14-2009) to go see my buddy and noticed his bright blue eyes was white and gray, I knew something was very wrong. Deb and her older mother came out to tell me he had a heart attack earlier that morning and they just got back from the vet. LaStat came over very slow wagging his tail. Deb told me that was the first wag all day. Deb said that the vet wanted to do surgerey because of an old injury that caused his intestines to wrap around his left lung, but he might not make it thru it. He said LaStat might need to be put to sleep. Deb said he isn’t going to die with strangers and brought him home. The vet said that the way he pull out and acted like his old self, it was probably a good idea to keep an eye on him and to bring him home to loved ones. I went and put on my snow suit and sat with him all day, receiving my kisses. It started out like a normal day. I went and ate, and brought him a pork chop. He ate it and amazed me and Deb. My best friend Emma dropped by and has a couple of dogs in heat, and LaStat went and greeted her, just soaking in all the smells on her. This made me think that he might pull out of it. I went in to make a phone call and came back out. LaStat had grown weak in that 1/2 an hour and was hanging out his dog house. I went and sat next to him talking to him, and letting him know he was very special and that I loved him. His breathing was getting bad and I knew we only had a couple hours if that. Strangest thing, all the cats that slept with him came by and rubbed up against his nose, it was like they were saying goodbye too. Me and Deb pulled him out when he got to weak to hold his head up to look around. I sat there stroking him and waited for Deb to walk away. I told LaStat it was time for him to go home, that he wouldn’t feel pain any more. Deb came out to listen to his heart. She said his heart beat was irregular, then took her listening thing back in. Just before she got to the door only 15 feet away, He forced his big head up on my lap looked at me and took his last breath. I said goodbye buddy for the last time and cried. We buried him next to his favorite place to lay, last night at 12 midnight. I know why he came home from the vet, he wanted to die with those he loved and at home, not strangers. That last look to see if I was there is burnt into my mind. To sit there all day with him knowing what was coming was hard. I know it helped him to cross over, knowing someone he loved was there. I couldn't let my friend go alone. Then I took off his collar and set him free. I'll miss you Pretty boy!!! LaStat had front legs the size of most mens fore-arms, and when he stood up, he could look me in the eye, I'm 6'1". He weighed 130 lbs.... Rest in peace buddy...... |/a/|


  • angie irwinangie irwin Posts: 2,055Member
    edited 18 February, 2009
    Thats so lovely!!! I hope it helps someone in similar situations make their mind up about being there when the time comes. It is a sad time , but well worth being there! Rest in peace Lastadt|/a/|:q
  • Victoria SchmickVictoria Schmick Posts: 5,466Member
    edited 18 February, 2009
    May you rest in peace Lastat , happy hunting on the other side ... Hugs & Prayers Rommel ......|/a/|
  • Peggy SloanPeggy Sloan Raytown MOPosts: 4,900Member
    edited 18 February, 2009
    Bless you for making his journey to the Bridge easier, what a true friend you were to him. Run free sweet baby and I will greet you with opened wings.
  • Don GambrelDon Gambrel Lima, OhioPosts: 110Member
    edited 20 February, 2009
    Thank you all. I hope that it can help others. It is important for them to know someone is there with them. I know I wouldn't want go by myself. They ask so little of us, and give so much in return, it was the only right thing to do. Love 'em, Talk to 'em, stroke 'em and most important, let them know its okay if they want to cross over that rainbow to be free. It's the hardest thing you will ever do, but if you don't, you'll regrett not saying good-bye. Just think about the people you wish you had the chance to say goodbye to and its no different....
  • Dianne TayneDianne Tayne Lake ForestPosts: 19,605Member
    edited 20 February, 2009
    |:| a dogs hero|:|
  • Jennifer TraficanteJennifer Traficante AmbridgePosts: 3,543Member
    edited 7 March, 2009
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