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Victoria FitzmauriceVictoria Fitzmaurice DublinPosts: 13Member
edited 20 August, 2014 in Alaskan Malamute
How do I get my malamute to stop howling! He\'s being kept outside now but howls until he\'s let in. Any advice? Ive tried walking, toys etc.


    edited 28 February, 2009
    Keep him in the house , or install a doggie door for him. Howling is thier way of trying to call thier "pack" ( You ) . These guys really need alot of quality time with thier people . They quite literally love to be with thier people. Not a breed that will do well outside , alone for long periods. ( or even short ones for puppies ) Both Quannah and now Eli , were like my shadow .
  • Megan WilliamsMegan Williams North Pole alaskaPosts: 103Member
    edited 18 March, 2009
    I howled outside until I got my sister who is a chow in the pen with me i didnt want to be alone. I also howl mom calls it talking when i want attention or to be feed. I love rawhides to keep me busy esp. right now since i am teething. I chew a huge chunk of moms antique table off before she caught me and put bitter flavor on the wood. YUCK!!
  • Kirra PorterKirra Porter ArmidalePosts: 9Member
    edited 11 January, 2010
    My Mal lets out a sharp howl/bark thing when she's left outside with the door shut. When she was younger she used to howl for a lot of the day when I left for work but she is getting better. She has problems when she can't see me and is definately neurotic. I have read and started to implement a program. Whenever I leave a room I shut the door between us even if its just to get a drink of water then I return with my water and leave the door open (the bathroom in particular is very good for this as your usually not in there too long). You can then extend the time between partings and eventually your Mal will happily stay outside or in another room without you and will understand that your not gone forever just because they can't see you. Also giving your Mal a bone or toy to play with for 5 minutes outside then letting them in before they get concerned and howl has worked for me. I found I was rewarding her by letting her in when she let out her bark/howl thing. As much as it is nice to know when she's done her business in the evenings and is ready to come in so I can go to bed its not so helpful during the day when I'm not home and she thinks I will let her in if she makes noise.
  • Judith SongyJudith Songy Chattanooga, TNPosts: 294Member
    edited 12 January, 2010
    We just rescued Bo about 2 months ago......he does not really howl or talk, unless our Siberian gets him started. However, when he does it sounds like an episode of "Survivor" is ready to start! Even though he was rescued from a kennely environment following an owner surrender and being an outside dog, he really does not like to be outside! The only time he willingly goes out by himself is if he has to potty, but he prefers to be with our Siberian or more so - Mummy & Daddy! He is my 4-legged shadow!
  • Sandra HealySandra Healy Posts: 1Member
    edited 20 August, 2014
    Zuko howls when he's left alone too long and when I go out to confront him , he runs around me barking, like it's a game. He won't sleep in a shed or kennel and needs to go to the toilet at night so I'm finding it impossible to get him to stop howling, any advice?
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