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LaStat came back from the bridge to say goodbye

Don GambrelDon Gambrel Lima, OhioPosts: 110Member
About a week ago I was walking back from checking on my grandmother, who lives right behind me. As I was walking up the alley, I heard a familiar \"ahrrroooo\". I automatically turn to where LaStat would greet me, and there he was!!!!! He looked well groomed, eyes a deep blue, and doing his dance for me. Without thinking I just started talking to him, and as I pulled a dog treat out of my pocket, I swear I heard him say, \"I love you\" and he faded away. I took over 3 treats and dropped them where he was. I didn\'t say anything to Deb, fearing she would think I was crazy or something. Well, the other day I was talking to Deb and had to tell her about it. And to my amazement she said, \" Everybody in the family has seen him except me.\" WOW!!! I have felt my past dogs around me, and even seen Casper out the corner of my eye, but this had me puzzled and a very good feeling I cannot explain. If you had an experience like this, I would love to hear it. In my book, those who cross that bridge, went to start another chapter in life.


  • Debra BrawnerDebra Brawner Nashville, TNPosts: 1,001Member
    edited 7 April, 2009
    I think this is a wonderful story and example of love. I have seen a few glimpses of my Oliver out of the corner of my eye at times; but would love to have a 'visit' like this. Since love never dies, I truly believe you had a visit and I, too, would love to hear more stories like this.
  • Charlotte VenableCharlotte Venable SpringdalePosts: 2,450Member
    edited 7 April, 2009
    Wow! These kinds of stories give me chills. I've never experienced this but I've heard of lots of people who have. Amazing.
  • Cerridwyn DeForestCerridwyn DeForest SeattlePosts: 605Member
    edited 7 April, 2009
    What a beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. Love is eternal and knows no earthly bounds. There are angels among us, we need only open our hearts to see them.
  • Austin Boxer Rescue *Austin Boxer Rescue * AustinPosts: 101Member
    edited 8 April, 2009
    When my sisters 2 year old Bart was killed when he ran in front of a passing car they were heart broken. When my sister is standing at her kitchen sink it is open to the living room. Her back liking room wall is all windows. About a week after Bart passed, she was at her kitchen sink one morning and saw Bart in the back yard smiling and wagging his tail. There is alot of trees in my sisters back yard and when the sun is shining you see sun and shade. The next day the same thing happened. He only stayed a few seconds each time. She started looking foward to this as she missed him so much. It went on for about 2 weeks. Then never again. I think the change in the season made the sun different in the back yard. She thinks Bart was trying to tell her he was ok. What ever it was , it helped my sister because she felt so much guilt for letting him out the day he was killed. She didn\'t tell me about it for 6 months . But I do think they will do whatever they can to make sure we are ok.|$|
  • JULIE REYNOLDSJULIE REYNOLDS St. LouisPosts: 10,984Member
    edited 8 April, 2009
    Awww that is so nice. I think I see Angel sometimes out of the corner of my eye, and I definitely sense her around occasionally. How wonderful that you got a nice visit like that, though. |:| :c9
  • edited 9 April, 2009
    Rosie has come back a couple of times to tell me that she's o.k...I had a guinea pig I fought hard to keep alive but failed...She came back & nestled in my hair one last time & then I was able to let her go.:c9
  • Cleo DobermannCleo Dobermann SydneyPosts: 134Member
    edited 11 April, 2009
    This is amazing. My dobe came back that very night he passed on and whined his last whine in the backyard and that travelled through the kitchen that evening. Both my partner and I hugged and shut our eyes and listened to his whines...we felt really comforted. I miss him still, but that helped.
  • Dayna ChildsDayna Childs Federal Way/Seattle/TacomaPosts: 280Member
    edited 11 April, 2009
    The day that Neville died I visited the independently owned pet store where I bought all his food etc. The owner had known Neville since the store first opened and in the last weeks of his life, she had been helping me choose foods that would tempt him to eat. I told her about his death and stayed a little while to get support. Now Neville's name when I adopted him was Buddha. I changed it to Neville, after the character in the Harry Potter books. While I was still there, a woman walked in with her new rescue dog. I asked what his name was and she said "Neville, after the Harry Potter character". Then just a minute later, another customer walked in with his rescue dog. This dog's name was Buddha. Neville and Buddha are not common names for dogs. So it was quite a coincidence. I felt then, and still feel, that this was Neville's way of telling me that he was OK at the Bridge. When I think of it, I feel a little less sad and guilty that he died alone at the vet office.
  • Jennifer TraficanteJennifer Traficante AmbridgePosts: 3,543Member
    edited 12 April, 2009
    Mine happened in a dream. I was standing in the kitchen at the sink. I could hear "tap tap tap" of toenails on the living room floor. Around the corner came Sam. He was all wooly (he looked like a wildman sometimes) and he was wagging his tail and he could see me and he had both eyes (he had one removed later in life). I just stood there and looked at him and said "What are you doing Bud?" He looked at me, panting (he was always panting) and then jumped up on the couch and laid down with his head on the arm of the sofa. While of course he couldn't talk, I could just feel him saying he was ok and he wasn't mad at me. I felt such guilt over him dying at the vets office without me there. I woke up and cried like a baby. But I am glad I saw him!
  • Don GambrelDon Gambrel Lima, OhioPosts: 110Member
    edited 12 April, 2009
    I've enjoyed reading all your post!!! Sorry it took a while to get back on, Dad went to Kentucky to meet his 19 year old daughter (adopted out) for the first time. We was talking to the little girl next door, and she has seen Lastat a couple of times. You folks and pups are right, Love is everlasting...... Cool thing is, my other neighbors got a pit bull pup and has me working with him..... Looks like a baby Ozzy, lol..... Lastat would have tried to father him....
  • stef andstef and LemesosPosts: 1,132Member
    edited 14 April, 2009
    I had a weird experience with a kitten of mine,almost three years ago. I had left her (Serenata) in the garden to potty like every evening and got inside the house.Time was passing and I wasn't hearing her meows so as to open the door so I got out and looked for her.I called for her, looked everywhere but failed to find her.I went inside and went to bed. That night I had a dream at which I was looking for Serenata when somehow I walked in front of the house and approached my next door neighbours' front garden.There was a plastic bag.Immediately I heard a meow and I saw Serenata getting out of the bag. That happened in the dream.But let me tell you what really happend next morning.I woke up and looked for Serenata not taking much in mind the dream.I left house and in the midday when I returned I started looking again.I was about to stop-I was desperate, when something made me walk to the place I saw in my dream.To my huge surprise, there was a plastic bag.I quickly ran to open it.My little girl was dead in the plastic bag. Somehow,for some reason she sent me that dream to let me know where to find her body.But I know,that she and all the pets that have crossed the bridge are not just creatures which only remain in the memory of those who loved them.They still exist.I don't know how and I'm not trying to explain it, but I know it.
  • Holly MHolly M Barrie, ONPosts: 37Member
    edited 16 April, 2009
    Love sure is strong. I have never had a dog visit me to my knowledge but a cat I once had, Tom, came to visit me. He was sitting outside my bedroom door, meowed once and then just left me. I have also had Rainbow Cats visit me in my dreams.
  • Sue AbramoSue Abramo Alden NYPosts: 42Member
    edited 17 April, 2009
    OMD....I am so happy to find out that I am NOT crazy. I see or feel 2 dogs and 3 cats a diff. pet at diff. parts of the house and basement .I never see all of them Raja I hear her pit grunt and see her tail wag ,Sinner I first smell her then a brush on my leg and the cats I feel go around my legs when in the basement doing laundry .the only one i ever told is my husband and he said thats because they love you so much they want to be near you. I\'m just happy to know I\'m not Crazy ~b~
  • Claudia CampbellClaudia Campbell Posts: 111Member
    edited 24 April, 2009
    After I read this I had to share my story. I am so sorry that it is so long. My baby girl, Trooper, went to the rainbow bridge about 5 yrs ago now. I didn\'t want to get another dog. I didn\'t know if I could do it again. Well one night (it was about 2 1/2 yrs after she passed) I had a dream. We were playing somewhere that I didn\'t know. But she was doing something weird. She kept on running up to a door and then running back to me like she wanted me to go in. The last thing I remember about the dream is that I told her, \"Okay sweetie we\'ll go in\" and I woke up. Well I told my husband that for some reason I wanted to go to the shelter today. I needed to go. I had never been to the local shelter before. Well when I went to the shelter I knew I was going to be bringing home a new family member. When I got to the shelter I reconized the place in my dream. When I went in I just left the puppies alone. I don\'t know why but it just didnt feel right. I went to were the adults were and was looking at the labs. In fact I had looked at this handsom Pit Bull that was sitting in his kennel not barking or jumping at all. After I had seen all the labs I knew I wasn\'t suppose to be getting one. Which I thought was weird because I love labs. The lady at the shelter said she thought she knew what I was looking for. I went to the private room where they do one on ones and she brought in this Pit that I had seen being all nice and quiet. After checking him out I just knew he was the one I came there for. He was (is) perfect. While signing the papers to adopt him (and changing his name to Jake) and paying the adoption fee the lady had told me thank you so much for adopting him. I just said your welcome. She told me I didn\'t understand. I just looked at her confused and then she told me something I wasn\'t expecting to hear. She had said that Jake had been there for 3 months. They kept on pushing back his euthanization (sorry can\'t spell) date because they loved him so much. They had been working franticly to find him at least a foster home that day because he was due to be put down the very next morning. To make matters even better I just barely got there in time to look at the animals. They were getting ready to close down for the day. I truly believe that Trooper was telling me that is was time to get him and that I needed to do it soon. I\'m so glad that we have Jake now. He is so loving and actually has a lot of the same traits that Trooper did. I\'m so glad that Trooper decided to tell me to go get him. Sorry so long I just had to share.
  • JENNIFER BERGERONJENNIFER BERGERON Rockford, IllinoisPosts: 2,125Member
    edited 27 April, 2009
    When I was a kid, 5th grade to be exact, we got a yellow lab puppy who we named Jed. We only had him a few months before he was hit by a car. The vet gave him a grim prognosis because of internal injuries, but said that we could bring him home and care for him and hope for the best. I was young so I don't remember the details of his injuries. I remember this horrible horrible reddish diahheria, my parents had to replace the carpet because the smell never went away. Looking back now, he probably should have been put down so he didnt suffer. Anywoo..... Jed was in bad shape. I have few memories of this time but I do remember one day. The poor little guy was laying out in the backyard. I remember sitting with him for a longggg time. I sang to him for what seemed like hours. When I finally came inside my mom, who had been watching, said "you know he will always remember that forever....". Now I don't remember if it was that night or a few nights later, but Jed had been confined to sleeping in the kitchen because of the diahhrea. I remember waking up in the middle of the night. I lay awake for awhile, and I heard Jed let out a couple yelps and whimpers. I thought about going downstairs, but didn't. I just lay awake. A few minutes later, I felt him crawling up onto my bed and felt him lay by my feet. I had a waterbed and there was no mistaking the movements at the end of the bed. I remember feeling at peace and went back to sleep. The next morning I went downstairs and my mom and brother were crying. They told me Jed had died in the kitchen overnight. I wasn't surprised, I already knew. I believe I brought peace and comfort to little Jed in his last days, and when he died he curled up with me in bed right away to let me know not to check on him, that he was at peace in heaven.
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