Ozzy and Sissy tames another pit-a-phobe....

Don GambrelDon Gambrel Lima, OhioPosts: 110Member
edited 15 April, 2009 in American Pit Bull Terrier
Dad speaking; I went down to the south eastern part of Kentucky to pick up my daughter (Tara) that I have never got meet, she was adopted when born. I found out as I met her I also have a son in law(Monroe) too. On the way back to the flat lands, They tell me they never seen a pitbull. I asked them their thoughts on them. They told me all the crazy junk you read in papers and see on TV. I was thinking to myself, \" this isn\'t going to go well.\" 6 hours later we arrive at my house and go in. The kids had put the gate up to keep all our critters out of the kitchen while cooking. I told my daughter, \" don\'t worry about the pitbulls, worry about the white german shepherd (Kronic). Well Ozzy seen new people and opened the gate to greet them. Monroe got tense and stiff as 3 big dogs and my moms little dog come in. All the dogs came in dropped their butts on the ground in front of them and waited to be petted. Ozzy went to Monroe\'s side and sat there till we all moved into the other room. They were in shock that the dogs were so respectful. The next day; Me and Ozzy decided to show off some tricks. Monroe wanted to try Ozzy with simple hand shakes and things. He tried and tried, and tried some more, with verbal words, lol. I looked at them and laughed and told them they had to learn American Sign Language for Ozzy to listen. They thought that was the coolest. Ozzy wouldn\'t leave Tara\'s side, and then her and Monroe started wrestling, I tried to warn them!!!!! Ozzy took one side and Sissy took the other, together they grabbed onto Monroe\'s jacket sleeve\'s and pulled him to the other side of the room then sat between them. Both of them was stunned. They didn\'t get bitten, just pulled apart. Sissy wanted to be in their lap\'s as much as possible. Next they, they asked if they could have one of them, I laughed and told them, \"Your not ready for one of these breeds yet\", and continued talking about breeds and how they had judged them before meeting them, well, I didn\'t leave nothing out, including the history part. They went back home a little bit Dog smarter..... I\'m going to post photo\'s later this week.....


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