Do you eat strange things outside?

Mary DeSantisMary DeSantis Pittsburgh,PennsylvaniaPosts: 554Member
edited 22 January, 2010 in Chihuahua
I was just wondering if any of you have problems with your chi\'s eating all sorts of things when you take them outside? Angie & Sarah spend more time munching on leaves & pebbles, those little whirly things that fall off the trees, & the cut grass after the grass has been cut. Our other chi Bella never picks up anything to munch on even when she was a puppy. Is there any way to stop this behavior? Any advise would be appreciated!


    edited 15 May, 2009
    I think its a natural thing for dogs to do, instinct. My guys all chew on stuff outside, like grass, twigs, rock's, pinecones...well, you get the idea.
  • walter followillwalter followill Posts: 79Member
    edited 26 August, 2009
    i love sweet grass it taste good,and i eat grasshoppers,grubs,and earthworms,it is what we chi's eat in the wild.
  • Kara VenekampKara Venekamp SpokanePosts: 366Member
    edited 26 August, 2009
    be thankful your chi's don't bird poo like Luna does BOL:)) ssshhhh, don't tell her I told you;)
  • Yijia WangYijia Wang Posts: 241Member
    edited 11 September, 2009
    Mine loves Rabbit droppings. Its caviar in the dog world. Besides, she is especially good at getting it between the pavement cracks. :D
  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 25 November, 2009
    Penny eats strange stuff INSIDE the house!! Anything that drops and no dust bunny is safe in my house......I'm on patrol all the dang time, trying to keep up with every inch of my floor to make sure nothings down there that'll hurt her. I keep saying after her finding another dust bunny I missed, one of these days that dogs gonna poop a sweater!!! BOL!!!! :))
  • Jessica BertucciJessica Bertucci Chino HillsPosts: 54Member
    edited 15 December, 2009
    cherry constantly tries to eat fuz string and hair....we are always on patrol as well
  • Tina DukTina Duk ZagrebPosts: 11Member
    edited 22 January, 2010
    Chica is always looking for something to eat when we are out...I have to be very she likes yellow one)....she eated a mushroom ones and i got scared coz didn\'t know if it is poisoned...we had luck that time...
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 22 January, 2010
    ugh. I have to be eternally telling her to leave it! She finds rabbit poo, which is gross.
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