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any advise im new to the australian shepherd breed

ali dellali dell Posts: 24Member
edited 20 July, 2009 in Australian Shepherd
i just got an aussie puppy shes what ive found out called a lethal white? shes deaf and blind i got her off craigslist because i saw her pic i contacted the owner and she said this pup was as she put it (destroyable pup in an otherwise great litter of aussies) so i had to take the puppy i felt terrible the lady said she was going to do her own version of euthinasia to the pup had she not found somebody to take it off her hands. so here i am with a new aussie in my family of corgis and an irish setter iv a corgi thats deaf but ive not had a dog both deaf and blind any advise given is a big step for us


  • Lindsay GuntnerLindsay Guntner Posts: 1Member
    edited 12 July, 2009
    Hi! I see you have quite the special little Aussie. I too am a completely blind and deaf special Aussie; however, I am ALL Aussie. My mommy has to tell people constantly that I'm blind and deaf. One can't tell judging how I run, romp, and play in the backyard with my other Aussie friends. Just because I can't see or doesn't slow me down any. My mommy tells me I'm a such a smart girl. In fact, I'm a therapy dog despite my disabilites. My mommy tells me all the time that I most definitely touch the hearts of everyone I meet. I think I'm normal in every way because I know no different. I'm proud to say that I've found really nothing I couldn't do that a quote normal dog could including recall. Yes, even though I can't hear or see at all, I know exactly when my mommy is recalling me and I happily coming running to her. The training concepts were the same for mommy just got more creative when teaching me to sit, stay, lay down, etc. I learned to do so all my touch commands. My mommy owns my sister too and she is just deaf, not blind. She communicates by American Sign Language, but since I can't see the signs, I respond to touch commands. We special needs canines are amazing pups and I'm sure your little one will be the best Aussie you will ever own. If you have any specific questions for my mommy or me I would love to help. Enjoy your new puppy!
  • bob fosterbob foster west virginiaPosts: 8Member
    edited 16 July, 2009
    i think that anyone that gives a special animal a chance at life are very special people. enjoy your new friend.
  • Terry DurborowTerry Durborow Kill Devil HillsPosts: 5Member
    edited 20 July, 2009
    Hi Maddy, I'm Angel & I was born blind & deaf too. Mom got me & my sis Kira when she was helping with an Aussie Rescue group. Like you my breeder was planning to drown me because she considered me useless as even a breeding dog because I had what she felt were 2 strikes against me. Of course my mommy had other plans there. She came in and sort of threatened the breeder, in the end she walked away with me, my sis & 2 brothers. Mom calls me a miracle dog to her. Because we are born blind & deaf doens't mean we can't do regular stuff. I go up & down steps, am housebroken (I actually lay at the door and scratch if I really have to go.) Outside, I learned my yard really fast so I never get lost. I even play with my sister & our new puppy Yeager. And the first time I actually barked... mom started to cry because she didn't think I would ever be able to do something like that because I couldn't hear. But I can... I can do so much. Even simple things, I can't see but I can feel where the sun is shining & lay down in it's warmth, if I'm hot I can feel shade & lay down to cool off. I know when to go right, when to go left & even when things are right in front of me so I can go around them. With lots of patience & love mom taught me to react to her touch. If I go too close to the road she touches my left or right ear & I turn in that direction. I can lay down when told to, even jump. Kira is very good at agility things but I learned basic ones too. Mom & me know (from experience) that with lots of love & patience you both will develop a bond so deep in your souls that you will both "just kind of know" what each other wants. For my mom... a new & wonderful life started when I came into it. Sure it's been hard at times, confusing & frustrating for both of us. But my mom wanted me, loved me, accepted me for what I truly was and she saw in my soul the spirit, strength & unwavering loyalty that my missing eyes can not show . I hope you both stick with it because for us, though the journey has been a challenge and mom & I started as strangers with no idea how to even begin to understand one another, we both found our way to unconditional. Like everyone here when you have concern or worry you can always count on us to help you out with a word of advice or just another person or pup that truly understands the challenges. But it truth from mom... it's all so much worth it.
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