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Thinking of getting Allie a sibling. Help us choose!

brandi parriganbrandi parrigan Wild Blue YonderPosts: 10Member
edited 3 July, 2009 in Australian Shepherd
Our aussie, Allie, was a rescue. She was dumped off at the lake near our home and was nothing but a matted mess of neglect. I couldn't leave her there, so she came home with me. (You can read more about her on her page!) She's young-- the vet thinks between one and two years. He also believes she is probably mixed with wolf somewhere down the line. She has some issues that we're dealing with, but she still has a LOT of puppy left to grow out of so she really isn't too interested in calming down enough to work for a reward. She is super energetic, but I can't really say "hyper"... she just never tires. I don't think she'd ever been off of a chain, but we're slowly working on that because we have room for her to run free (supervised, of course). We'd like her to ultimately become a house dog, but currently she still freaks out indoors like it's too enclosed and she'll never get out again. She wasn't leash trained, nor did she have the least bit of obedience. We've now got her to the point where she can sit, speak, and shake on command, and she responds well to her name. She is a huge water lover. We can't keep her out of it! The thing is, though, that she gets so lonely by herself. I'm a full time college student and my boyfriend (who Allie lives for) works mostly 10 hour days. She has separation anxiety that breaks my heart. It makes me wonder if she thinks she is being abandoned all over again when we leave of the mornings. She howls and cries and paces so much that she's left a dusty spot in our yard. She's chewed the corners off of her dog house, our steps, and pieces of our deck. We've tried all advice we've been given. She gets walked at least twice a day every day in hopes it will wear her down a little. We've given her puzzle toys, rawhide bones, and ultimate chews to keep her busy, but they don't. What Allie really loves is other dogs. The only dogs around for her to play with, though, are small breeds that she has accidentally hurt in the past (like stepping on them). We live in the country, so there's no dog park or anything for us to make friends at. We only have our surrounding neighbors, which are family, and their small dogs. Allie's only friend, my grandparents' 13 year old german shepherd, Harley, who even slept with her at night, was just recently put to sleep due to cancer. So we've been thinking about getting Allie a companion to keep her company. We'd like a medium to large breed-- one who can be rough and tumble with her and we won't have to worry about her stepping on it! We'd like a breed that would sort of even out her personality. One that can be energetic enough to keep up with her, but is down to earth and calm at the same time. We'd like a water-lover because Allie loves it so much that we'd like for her to be able to enjoy it with a friend. We don't want a drooler (so no mastiffs, bulldogs, etc). Except for the normal bathing and brushing, we don't want a breed that requires a whole lot of grooming, especially if it means keeping up a cut or dealing with hair that can't take a romp through the woods (that exempts standard poodles, pulis, bedlington terriers, schnauzers, etc). Basically nothing more than the australian shepherd coat we're already dealing with. We also don't want to risk a stubborn breed who may or may not have dominance issues (I realize there are exceptions, but we're steering away from chows, akitas, rotties, etc). Because we're so far out in the country, we have limits on what kinds of dogs we CAN get, so some of the less common breeds are out of the question (so that means no entlebuchers, sloughis, ovcharkas, or anything else I can't pronounce or would have to travel to obtain). We're not above adopting a mutt from the pound. We already have plans on visiting our local shelter and seeing what they have to offer, however we still need to know what we are looking for so that we can make a good match for Allie's needs. Right now we are thinking more along the lines of a golden retriever or a labrador to suit and balance out Allie's personality. I encourage feedback from anyone and everyone on our search for Allie a new sibling! Do you have a different breed suggestion? Please tell us why you would suggest that breed. Give us pros and cons to the breeds we are already considering. We would greatly appreciate it!


  • brandi parriganbrandi parrigan Wild Blue YonderPosts: 10Member
    edited 7 July, 2009
    While browsing for golden retrievers (that are currently few and far between in my state at the moment!), I decided to run a quick search for aussies although we weren't really considering another because we were trying to balance Allie's hyperactivity level, not encourage it. However, this SWEET face popped up right away, and he's only about 45 minutes away from us! I already dropped them an email JUST inquiring about his personality, behavior, and preferences. He looks like he might be part (if not mostly) border collie to me, but that doesn't matter. If the boyfriend agrees, we might at least take Allie to go meet him. Of course, this is just one lead out of many. I'd still like some other breed suggestions that might balance Allie out!
  • tina eldertina elder BradentonPosts: 218Member
    edited 2 July, 2009
    you should get your dog a companion but id recomend getting her a bit calmer the day you introduce them becasue a dog that is too active on a firts meet with another dog offten accidentaly induces arguments becasue it wants to do something and the other doesnt but also get a young compnion she needs a firned she can run around with to no tire not older compnion because she will tire them out to easily . but a dog of about 3 to 4 years old could be a good romodle or perhapse get a pupyy she can than become the mothering type who knows there are alot of diffrent things than can come of a companion dog. if we had the space cody would have a compnion but right now we dont have space
  • brandi parriganbrandi parrigan Wild Blue YonderPosts: 10Member
    edited 3 July, 2009
    I didn\'t realize that a dog would fall into our lives this fast, but I\'m glad I didn\'t pass up the chance to visit Diesel today! We took Allie with us to see if they would get along. Honest to God, I\'ve never seen Allie react to another dog the way I saw her react to Diesel. It was the exact opposite of what I expected. Usually she\'s the annoying, jumpy, in-your-face, play-with-me-now, 60 lb puppy... however I think it intimidated her that Diesel was actually willing to play back! She isn\'t used to that at all! She sort of just went into shock and ignored him altogether. She eventually started slobbering really heavily, which isn\'t like Allie at all. At that point, I prayed we hadn\'t made a trip for nothing. But because they didn\'t so much as growl at one another, we decided to chance it. I filled out Diesel\'s paperwork and brought him home. We stopped at the river before actually bringing him to our house, and they both played gloriously together in the water. That began a new friendship, and ever since we brought them home we have been unable to separate them. They have played for hours NONSTOP! Diesel is a little Romeo-- he gives kisses to everyone! Allie plays hard to get when he gives her a kiss, but we all know that if she wasn\'t such a tomboy, she\'d be kissing him right back. ;) Even though he is about half her size, he stil has all her power! That\'s just the aussie way, though. I\'m quickly learning that. We really didn\'t want another aussie. We were scared of all the energy we might end up with because we were trying to tone Allie down a bit. But Diesel seems to have been heaven sent. He has all the energy it takes to keep up with Allie, but he knows how to control it. I sure hope it rubs off on Allie. I swear I think it was just meant to be for us to have these two dogs. Six months ago if someone were to have told me that I\'d end up owning two aussie dogs, I would have laughed them down! Of all the breeds I\'ve dreamed of owning, aussies were never one of them. My boyfriend and I both always wanted a german shepherd and a husky, but I guess right now just isn\'t the time. Both of our aussies were rescues, and they needed us more! :c9
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