Ear flopping over

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I am concerned that we adopted a 9wk Chihuahua puppy on June 20th from a couple - not breeders (vet said perfect health/got shots), but on July 5th, one of his ears has suddenly has flopped over (to the mid-ear section) and have no idea why since both ears were erect when we got him. I called the vet and was told nothing to worry about, but am confused why that occurred and if permanent... looks strange. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance :)


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    People on this board are so knowledgable and nice and helped me through this worry! Matilda had the same thing happen to both ears a week after we took her home. It's nothing to worry about. It turns out that it's very common in chihuahua puppies, and some ears will change alot until they mature. Then you'll see if they stay up or down. Her ears have changed a few times. They're up right now, but were curled back for a while, and then one flopped forward. You can see them curled back in her picture on the left and pointed on her page. Taco is so adorable! :D
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    Thanks! Matilda is a lil cutie also..
  • Deanie McGuiganDeanie McGuigan WilmingtonPosts: 1,793Member
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    All these puppies continue to give me puppy fever!! : ) I wouldn't worry about the ears. Matilda gave you great advice! Chi owners experience the floppy ears for a bit, however, some ears just decide they don't want to stand up! :)) Best of luck w/ your new baby :-h
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    Thank you Harley! I just keep wondering if he didn't break the cartilage in his ear from trying to maneuver himself underneath the fence, which he has succeed on a few occasions, and this is why one ear is completely folded over suddenly. However, until I learn otherwise, I will assume this is normal.:-/
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    Both of Bella's ears flop forward. Her breeder told me that if I want her to have straight ears and they aren't standing up by 3 months that I could tape them. Bella's doggy Grandma had the tips of her ears fold down, and it was so cute.
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    not sure if you have corrected the problem or not but you can always buy some breath right strips and cut it down small enough to fit inside her ear and put it in there. it will help it to stand correctly. dont remove it just let ti come off on its own to not harm her.
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    Taco what a CUTE name!!!! Love it! My ears were down at 8 weeks when I came home and momma and daddy never thought they'd Ever come up, but I called the breeder, who had Tons of experience with Chi's and was told they'd be up for good by 6 months old. Sure enough, they were both up and perfect by 6 months old! The vet said sometimes the muscles that hold up those big ole ears just aren't developed enough when we're younger to hold em up all the time. The vet was right, too! When I got stressed at 8 months, sometimes one would flop over for a bit, but when I felt better, up it'd come right away. Now at a year and a half, they never ever flop and Im up all the way! Take a look at my pics and you'll see. I have one where I'm wearing a pretty dress on my page and one ear is at half mast but I was only 8 months and really wierded out by the photographer and set. When I got home, it was up and normal!!! Don't worry, muscle control comes with age!! And even if it didn't you'd still be cute as all get out!!! ~b~
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