Tux makes a mess

Richard AtchesonRichard Atcheson Northern USAPosts: 3,570Member
edited 29 July, 2009 in Service & Therapy Dogs
We took our future assistance dog out to dinner tonight. We aren't sure just what happened, but Tux tilted the table and dumped some of the food on the floor. I think the strap from his vest was caught under the foot of table when he tried to stand up. We appoligized to the staff and left a nice tip. We have been taking puppies to restaurants since1991, and never had any trouble before. He also tore his vest.


  • Naomi HoogsNaomi Hoogs Posts: 13,689Member
    edited 26 July, 2009
    :))!I am sorry but I find this very funny! Besides it isn't like he jumped up on the table or anything!;)
  • Alexa MuttTamerAlexa MuttTamer Posts: 769Member
    edited 26 July, 2009
    Or tripped a waitress..... :-O :-$ :))
  • Michele MellemaMichele Mellema Posts: 767Member
    edited 26 July, 2009
    DOH! Accidents do happen, it doesn't sound like he was messing around and tipped it at least.
  • Cliff LampingCliff Lamping MissionPosts: 536Member
    edited 29 July, 2009
    Accidents happen Just keep your sense of humor:D It could have been worst:)
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