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Two Mini Aussie Pups in one Dog House?

Ryan CRyan C Posts: 4Member
edited 26 August, 2009 in Australian Shepherd
I'm a new mini aussie dad of two amazing mini aussies. I got one on Thursday and brought him home and within 24 hours my family and I decided he needed a now I have two and have had them less than a week. I found a large crate/cage...42l x 30h x 28w. They sleep in there together and I thought it would be good size when full grown. Max size should be 16-18" for these two and I will get them fixed. I setup the backyard so they cant escape but wanted to get a dog house for them to go into and kind of reinforce the crate inside the house. I was looking at the large PetMate Barn house link here Will this be ok size when full grown? Thanks for the help. I have roughly 100s of questions as I a first time puppy parent too. The Mini Aussie section did not seem to get much activity so I posted here.


  • edited 21 August, 2009
    May I ask why you don't want to get them there own crates? Many dogs like there own space and as they get older they might not like to be put together when you leave. Also, it's important to let them get time away from each other, so they can handle not being with eachother 24/7. You should head over to the puppy forum! you'll get lots of answers there about any questions you have :) Congrats on the pups! ETA: I just looked a the link! I'm sorry I was confused XD That looks like it would be big enough :D
  • LB HyattLB Hyatt Detroit, Goose Creek, BremertoPosts: 1Member
    edited 23 August, 2009
    I hate to tell you this, but you got ripped off. There is no such thing as a mini Aussie or a toy Aussie. The \"Mini\'s\" and \"Toy\'s\" are bred down in size by mating them with smaller dogs such as Pomeranian\'s. These \"toys\" and \"mini\'s\" are poorly bred and only bred by backyard breeders and puppy mills. They are prone to many health issues and those pups will cost you a fortune in vet bills. If you know for a fact the both the pups parents are purebred(registered as) then you have two purebred Aussie\'s that will just be small, so don\'t use the term Mini. If the parents are not registered as purebred then you can bet your bottom dollar that your pups are mixed with a small breed dog. Well anyway, I suggest that you get some professional training. Aussies are smart and train easily, but two may be a handful cause they are so energetic and playful. They will also probably excel in agility training and it is another good way to channel their energy. Well good luck. References- Aussie owner all my life.
  • Ryan CRyan C Posts: 4Member
    edited 25 August, 2009
    Thanks for the info. Their crate inside is huge for both of them and should fit them when they get full grown. Their parents were both 16" tall and so far I have them on the same schedule so napping/sleeping is working out. As they get older I might get separate dog houses for outside and crates for inside. I assumed since they play together it would work. Breed wise I did my research. I understand that Mini aussies are not AKC but are recognized from ASDR. The parents are purebred and have all their cleanrences. I did read that Aussie owner dont like mini that true?
  • edited 26 August, 2009
    Most Aussies owners and/or breeders are against the breeding of Mini's.. I am one of them. However, I am not going to be little you for your choice. There are many reasons I am against the breeding of them, but you got your dogs so no reason to go off on you about it. I really don't think you should keep them in the same crate.. Some people have a problem with the dogs bonding more together then with the humans. Make sure to give them there own time and time a part. You don't want them to get to the point where they need to be with each other all the time.
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