Misti MillerMisti Miller Enterprise, AlPosts: 15Member
edited 27 December, 2009 in Chihuahua
The way I came to have my awesome little man (Bama) is quite a unique story. My mother and I were driving down the road, and she swerved to miss him and then parked about a mile or so down the same road. She opened up her door to get out, and there he was and just jumped in the car. He is the perfect little lap dog and I love cuddling with him. I just want to know though, have no clue how old he is and neither does the Vet...does anyone know how you can tell. We've had him for a year and a few months now. I also want to know, does anyone else's snore and wheeze while asleep?


  • Claudia ReichClaudia Reich SouthfieldPosts: 22Member ✭✭
    edited 16 November, 2009
    I\'m not sure how to go about telling age, but Izzy snores louder than I DO :)). One day, I know she\'ll inhale my drapes. Just wanted to let you know you\'re not alone!
  • Anne HoltzAnne Holtz Posts: 10Member
    edited 24 December, 2009
    Mommy's first chi, Taco, snored, but I don't. I just wheeze when I get excited.
  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 27 December, 2009
    Maggie, has your vet checked your trachea? Chi's are prone to tracheal collapse and I'm wondering if your wheezing is allergy related, asthma related or soft palate like people.... Breathing problems freak me out!!! Here's hoping your a healthy pup!!! ~b~
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