no hair on chest/neck and dander

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Hey all i just got my first chibaby in Oct, she was super tiny then but i think she gotton abit taller she is a shorthair (as u can see) but im worried cause shes like bald on her neck down to her belly,is this normal? shes starting to shed to when i thought in the winter even though we live in AZ she should be getting thicker ..she has a bit of dander too i think its cause i switched her maybe too fast from old roy puppy to chicken soup. should i try somthing eles also she is paper trained with the potty pads and i want to know whens the best time to switch her to a kennel..i work 8 hrs a day/40wk but i live close enough to go home on lunch, she does use the pads to pee but i think shes trying to hold the poop till i come home. she stays in a circle type pen with bed on oneside and pottypads on the others toys food ect. i proud to say were down to two pads! instead of half the floor lol... is a kennel needed? i want her to eventually be freeroam but she keeps getting steped on! how do i teach her to walk behind ppl not under them dogparks... i want her to be social but im getting worried about going to the dogparks, its split between big dog/and passive little dog by a fence so Cha got to watch all the roady dogs play through the gate, she seemed like she wanted to play. but when an older papllion came into her area they both kinda sniffed and tucked tails, i dont think my dog likes other dogs..and i feel that if i keep her away from dogs she get all 'chihuahua' on me they bity nippy clingy kinda that im trying to prevent trying to keep a social pup, i figure since shes got some pug in her she'd be more outgoing i dont want to baby her


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    Congrats on your new baby! I absolutely love the chihuahua breed, they are fab! Your best bet for the hairloss would be to get your vet to check the pup out. Lila Rae does have hairloss on her neck too, though! She's been to the vet so many times and I know she doesn't have any strange skin problems, however, she does have allergies so I usually just expect that to be the problem. Oh and some dogsters think it could be from the collar rubbing on the neck. Lila Rae also has bald patches on the sides of her head and feet from her environmental allergies. Dogsters usually suggest kennels, but I would think that whatever works for your situation is fine. Harley stays in the laundry room using a baby gate while Lila Rae and Tippi both stay in kennels. My chis learned to NOT walk under our feet. Maybe that comes w/ age? I'm not experience w/ dog parks so i'm sure other dogsters can help you out! You are def on the right track by not wanting to baby her and being concerned about her socialization!
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    thanks Lil Rae ..yea since Cha is an indoor dog (which i think everydog should be) she doesnt wear a collar she stays in the pen when im not home but she has plenty of room and toys to keep her happy, she likes cat toys then the bullystick but now shes determined to destory her new christmas bed by ripping the stuffing! so its back to blankets. she doesnt wear a collar sonce shes not allowed to wander and when we go for walks/out shes always harnessed to a 6ft lead iv heared some postive reviews on puppy class for when shes alittle older causes shes such a wimp but we just start clicker training today
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    The no hair thing is fairly common for Chi's. Either bald in those areas or very thin happens alot. Although with the dander, it could be the food switch, or an allergy to the dog shampoo your using or a skin condition. I tried hypoallergenic shampoos and holistic dog food and it didn't fix mine up, so off to the vet we went. The vet sent me to an dermotologist for dogs and it turned out to be a yeast infection of the skin!!!! The medicine cleared it right up, but now she has to take 1/8th of a pill every day to keep it from coming back. Only costs me twenty bucks for 3 months supply, so it's really not bad. Only way to know for sure what's up is to try hypoallergenic stuff and if that doesn't do it, off to the vet to know for sure!! Good luck!!!!
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