\"mini\" aussie & aggression

Elinor ReneauElinor Reneau Posts: 9Member
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We have a 15 week mini aussie. He has been a WONDERFUL pup up until this past saturday. On Saturday he was very aggressive towards our friend's lab. He was snarling and wanting to lung at her. We are working with our trainer on this issue, we actually have a private session tomorrow but my curiosity is: - Anyone with a mini have aggression issue this young? If so what age did your aussie show aggression and when? -Anyone with a standard aussie show aggression? -What did you do to work on these issues? I have 100% trust in my trainer, she is a pro and has been at it for 20yrs, she has a great rep. I am just curious if anyone else has seen similar issues.


  • Elinor ReneauElinor Reneau Posts: 9Member
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    We spent time with our trainer, it was very valuable! He was nervous at first but warmed to her border collies. Her border collies were very receptive to Skyler's subtle signals when to come closer or back away a bit. We then took them down to her agility field to walk around off leash with Skyler and her border collies, he did very well. We took Skyler for a long off leash walk through the woods on a logging road through her property along with her border collies. He was great! He was off leash the whole walk, he interacted with her dogs and with all 3 of us, he also stayed within an acceptable distance from us when he was running and playing on the walk. He did amazingly well & never needed a correction. Overall what we learned is he may not be one that can be close up to a "rude" or rambunctious dog he doesn't know & non herding dogs that don't know how to read his own signals and behavior. We also learned we need to read and understand his signals more ourselves. We are going to do a private session at least one more time with her to see how he does & so we can learn to be more aware of his signals and mannerisms of a herding dog.
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    It could be a lot of factors really. Have you posted in the main Behavior & training forum yet? Many people who post there (as opposed to breed specific forums) have herding breeds & are very willing to help. Of my two Aussies...one is fearful, reactive (which essentially is part of the breed: to react) & one that loves everyone but will try & guard me as part of her 'flock' (another trait) :)) If Skyler is overly sensitive & reactive, 'corrections' may not be in his best interest.
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    Aussie cousin here, hope y'all don't mind. :) IMO it is a bit difficult to say what was going on in this case, as you have not said anything much about the conditions under which your dog was snarling at the lab. What was happening? Where were they? Were they onleash or offleash? Has anything like this ever happened before? Has your pup socialized with other dogs the size of the lab? How social were your pup's parents? That said, many herding dogs tend to be sensitive, and often seem to get annoyed with retriever lummoxes that barrel right in to say hello. Herding dogs tend to be less rude about such things. :))
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    I also have a mini Aussie who has aggression. We noticed it at 15 weeks also he is now almost five months. We also hired a personal trainer and it has been going well. He has aggression towards me and my fiancée when we either put him in his crate, try and take a bone away, or the cat gets near his things. We are very concerned for our little man but will do anything to help him out. We are not really sure how he is with other dogs and people. He went through puppy class at a local pet smart (which by the way isn't worth the money, just hire a personal trainer) and certain dogs he was ok with but others he snarled at. If you have any advice from your experience please let me know! Thank you!
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