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Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
edited 22 January, 2010 in Chihuahua
When I got her Bella was being fed a combination of Purina Pro Plan and Royal Canin puppy food. I want to go grain free with her. I've already stopped the Pro Plan, but I am wondering about a good grain free puppy food that's appropriate for small breed dogs. Any suggestions?


  • Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
    edited 3 January, 2010
    Hey Bella! I like your name;c; I have also tried to find some good puppy food and I have heard that Wellness is a great brand to feed your little one. No fillers, like corn, and things like that. Here is a link to thier smaller kibble-size puppy food. Innova is also a good brand and the link is below, but I\'m not for sure it the food is small enough. You may want to check on that. Blue Buffalo is the type of puppy food that my aunt feeds her Chihuahua. It is also a great brand and has lots of nutrients and is all natural. Here\'s another quality brand, Canidae. This is an all-life-stage dog you wouldn\'t have to change it when she became an adult. This is what I feed my little one. It also contains no fillers and is a good price and has the little kibble bites. My Bella loves it! As far as the other foods i recommended, they are a little more pricey, but are great for a growing puppy! If you have any foods in mind, search them on this website. I thought it was very helpful in my search %:D% Hope this helps! And good luck with Bella!
  • Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
    edited 4 January, 2010
    Thank you Bella, I like the idea of an all-life stages food, not only so I won't have to switch her when she's older, but she loves to try to sneak Rosco's food, if I fed them both the same food it would not matter if she got to his dish before I could catch her.
  • Tracy BrowneTracy Browne Posts: 1,439Member
    edited 4 January, 2010
    If you can find it, ZiwiPeak is the top of the line for grain free. Orijen is also good. Wellness Core is a close third.
  • Kathleen TruaxKathleen Truax Posts: 12,839Member
    edited 15 January, 2010
    The very best puppy food that I have found is Royal Canin Mini Puppy #33, they thrive on this. I also feed frozen Bil-Jac.
  • Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
    edited 16 January, 2010
    Hi Pizazz :-h I tried switching Bella from Royal Canin Puppy 33 to Wellness Just for Puppy. Do you know that the turkey nosed through the whole bowl to pick out the Royal Canin bites and left most of the Wellness bites? I think she may be trying to tell me something. BOL:))
  • Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
    edited 16 January, 2010
    I just switched Bella from PMI Exclusive to Before Grain Chicken and she LOVES it. She does the same thing...picks up pieces, sets them all on the ground and only eats the Before Grain pieces..they are smart little puppies:))
  • Deanie McGuiganDeanie McGuigan WilmingtonPosts: 1,793Member
    edited 18 January, 2010
    You are such a cutie! I don't know if you are interested but a good grain food, so I hear, is Innova! I think I want to put my next puppy on it. Best of luck in your food search! It can be frustrating, but thank goodness for Dogster.. oh and don't give up! I'm still in the process of finding great foods for my girls' rotation.
  • Tina DukTina Duk ZagrebPosts: 11Member
    edited 22 January, 2010
    We started with Royal canine mini junior because breeder was feeding with that we don't have many grain free foods but for sometime i 'm looking on different chihuahua forums some good food for my chi puppy...the only what we have here in Croatia are Orijen and Taste of the wild...i think that we will start with Orijen...
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