Measurements for Chi\'s under 3 lbs

Lorraine MillerLorraine Miller morrisPosts: 2Member
edited 29 January, 2010 in Chihuahua
I hope someone can help me, I crochet Chi sweaters and dont have accurate measurements for babies 8 months and younger. I am really looking for sizing in XXsm and XXXsm so I can create a few baby items for my Etsy shop. If anyone wants to help me with measurements, I will give you a very nice discount. Thanks so much!!


  • Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
    edited 29 January, 2010
    Hiya Sassy, Bella's about 3 months. She's a little moose though. She weighs a little under 4 lbs right now. But the XXS clothes at petco fit her. She'll be getting a little sister soon and I can help with the new baby's measurements too. I just need you to walk me through measuring her.
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 29 January, 2010
    It should not be hard to measure her. The thing is that since you\'re crocheting, It works the same pretty much for any dog. you measure around the chest right where the armpits are. This will give you the width. and you measure from the center of the shoulder blades to the center of the hips. This is your length. Take your home made clothes in and compare sizes to commercial made clothes to determine which of these will fit your baby. Eother that or you can take your tape measure in with you and measure the length and width of the clothes you find to determine if it will fit your dog. For height, measure from the floor to the topline. This is the same for any quadruped creature. For the head, you can measure with your fingers or soeone elses fingers, as tiny as your dog is, make a circle with your fingers as if making the OK sign or index to index, thumb to thumb until you can sit it snugly around you pup\'s head. Then measure the circumference of your circle. Dogs tend to stay more still if you use hands to touch their heads more than tape measures. Dont forget to measure the width of the ears to allow for enough room to put them through slots in the headware. For measuring booties, I would set your dog\'s paw on top of the currency coin that your tiny dog\'s foot rests on. My dog\'s foot fits on a US quarter coin, so I use that when I knit booties to know how big the widest part of the bootie has to be. For female dogs you can get away with measuring the belly too, because they don\'t have ventral equipment to mess up the fabrics the way males do. measure the belly around the same as the chest. If you are designing clothes you might also want to find the angle of difference between the belly and chest, as tailored dog clothing is shallower at the back end and deeper around the chest, generally, but then there are deep chested breeds and pot belly breeds, and squarish breeds and then there are fat dogs and skinny dogs, and clothes should lay right on the dog for maximum cuteness and comfort. On male dogs, you might measure from the hip socket to the base of the chest to get this angle. it forms a right triangle with the topline, where the 90 degree angle is at the shoulder, and the measurement from the hip to the chest is the hypotenuse.
  • Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
    edited 29 January, 2010
    Baby Bella is about 5 months but weighs 2 lbs and wears XXSmall clothing. I have a heck of a time trying to find her small enough clothing!!! I have also tried crocheting sweater...but I fail:) Haha. Here are Bella's measurements: Around the neck, she is about 6 inches. Around the largest part of her chest she is 9 inches. Her body length is 7 inches. I hope this helps!! I just measured her! Let me know if you need anything else measured.;c; You can check her profile out to see her size and body proportions. I would love to see your sweaters!!!
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