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Why did you name you Chi baby what you did?

Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
edited 23 June, 2013 in Chihuahua
Here's my story! I have been with my boyfriend for three years and we always joke around about baby names that we like. I have always LOVED the name Bella and that is what I wanted to name my future little girl. My boyfriend isn't fond of the name for a person, which got me down in the dumps. Haha. A few weeks later I was on and they had these cute little rhinestone tank tops with initials on them. I was looking for a "T" for my family Chihuahua back home, but they were out of that letter. I did come across a "B" though and I thought to myself...BELLA:) That's what my Chihuahua baby's name will be when I get one!! So, time passed and after about 6 months, it was time for me to get my Chihuahua puppy, so it was easy because I didn't have to worry about picking a name. I already knew her name would be Bella. The night before I was going to pick her up from the breeder, I was with my friends at the movie theatre watching New Moon from Twilight. I LOVE Twilight and was so excited to watch it, but my mind could not focus because I was so excited to pick up Bella. I decided to name her Bella Luna because Luna means Moon, and all I could think about during that movie was her:) So there's my story..what about yours?? ~b~


  • edited 31 January, 2010
    I got my name because my daddy had a doggie when he was only a child that was doggienapped! And his name was also Pinto. And he found it really neat that at the shelter I came to him when he called that name. He was like, that's the one! ~a~
  • edited 31 January, 2010
    I got my name for couple reasons. One reason is mommy met the breeder to follow her to her house at a Sonic Drive-In. The other reason is as a pup (and still do) I would take off running and then slide kinda like Sonic The Hedgehog. :))! Mommy thinks it's so cute!
  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 31 January, 2010
    I'm named after my moms' grandmas' chihuahua! The first Penny was teeny tiny. She was so precious! All brown with lighter eyebrows and about a pound and a half, tops, full grown. Grandma loved and doted on that baby. Penny always wore a little brown sweater that grandma made her. One day I asked grandma how she made that tiny knitted sweater. It turned out that when grandmas sweaters wore out, she'd cut off the lower sleeve and hem the end and cut two little holes for the front legs to go out. The wrist part was turned into a turtle neck and that was Pennys outfit, so she always matched grammas sweaters....LOL! I just loved that little Penny, and when my kids were all grown (youngest is 18) mommy wanted her own cute little Penny to love and spoil! She looked for me at the shelters and pound for 3 months before giving up and going to a bad breeder. She didn't know the breeder was bad (she didn't know what to look for at the time) until I was about 4 months old and found out I had a genetic skin condition. Then, at a bit over a year, we found out about my luxating patellas that I recently had surgery to correct. NOW mom knows what to look for in a good breeder! Due to my illnesses and expense, I will probably be an only baby. Which I love!!!! Although I do love visiting with other Chihuahuas! So, I was named after mommies grandmas Chi Penny, whose bed had her own heating pad! (She loved that heating pad!)
  • Deanie McGuiganDeanie McGuigan WilmingtonPosts: 1,793Member
    edited 31 January, 2010
    Tippi was named after the tip of her tail! It was white against her tan body. She also had "white boots" on ;) She's relatively gray these days! :)) Harley was going to be 'Marlei' but when I saw her, she just looked like a Harley! You wouldn't think that would be her name when you meet her, though, becuase she is a 2 lb little mama! Lila Rae was named after General Hospital- Skye's daughter.
  • Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
    edited 31 January, 2010
    Haha, I LOVE reading these:) Great stories! It's always interesting to hear how we all got our names:)
  • Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
    edited 7 February, 2010
    Bella's AKC name is "Princess Sara Bella" My daughter (who is 5) saw a baby picture of her on the breeders website. She fell in love. After contacting the breeder and finding out she was available I asked my daughter what she would call her if she could have her. She thought a little while and said Bella. She said her "big name" should be Princess Sara Bella.
  • Amber ArnettAmber Arnett Posts: 32Member
    edited 7 February, 2010
    Awww...Bella:) That's a cute story! I'm glad your (human) sissy helped pick it out!! Hehe
  • Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
    edited 7 February, 2010
    I was named by my "grandparents" who had me first. Mommy was there when they talked about names. She thought Princess was a little too popular a name and they liked the name Lily also. Mommy suggested Princess Lily but they stuck to Princess. When I came to live with Mom and Dad they decided to keep my name. Really my name should be spelled Princesse , since I am French, but since this an English website... I guess my real name is Princesse Lily;)
  • Nikki SmithNikki Smith AnchoragePosts: 930Member
    edited 9 February, 2010
    Did anyone change their dogs name when they were older? We're going to be getting a retired breeding dog (almost 3) and her name is Angel now, but I would like something a little more unique. Do you think it's OK to change her name?
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 10 February, 2010
    Foxxy's full name is Foxxy Brown. She came with the name Foxxy Cleopatra, but I hate Austin Powers, so we chose the name of one of the two black actresses that were the inspiration for the character. We also call her foxxy because she has a fox face. Also she's really smart and sneaky, and she's a gorgeous dog. The name really fits her. Everyone we have met agrees. Before we got her we debated on changing her name, because we hadn't seen her until the moment we got her, but when we first saw her, Foxxy just fit. Besides, it's easy, two syllables and totally not pretentious.
  • Dee BeeDee Bee Posts: 31Member
    edited 10 February, 2010
    Easy...she looked like a beautiful little lily. The color, the delicate features...the shape of the ears was a dead ringer for the picture of a lily I had.
  • Jack's PackJack's Pack AustinPosts: 4,608Member ✭✭
    edited 13 February, 2010
    Mocha was named for her beautiful coat colors. We also named her puppies after candy: Licorice, Truffle, Toffee, and Taffy.
  • Yijia WangYijia Wang Posts: 241Member
    edited 7 March, 2010
    Moochi is named after the Japanese ice cream rice balls Mochi. But I always pronounced it Moochi and it sounds much better than Mochi. More feminine.
  • Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
    edited 8 March, 2010
    As you can see, I took the plunge and changed her name! Of course she still goes by Princess:))
  • Colleen MaillyColleen Mailly RaymondPosts: 2Member
    edited 13 March, 2010
    Corderro means lamb and I am sweet and gentle like a baby lamb.
  • Colleen MaillyColleen Mailly RaymondPosts: 2Member
    edited 13 March, 2010
    Bonita means pretty. I think my mama picked the perfect name for me, don\'t you?
  • E JewettE Jewett GuelphPosts: 91Member
    edited 8 May, 2010
    Tod was named so because it means fox. And he is small and foxy with that fawn coat and those giant ears. It also sounds kind of upper class and snooty to me - befitting of his pompous personality : )
  • Kara VenekampKara Venekamp SpokanePosts: 366Member
    edited 12 May, 2010
    I LOVE this thread and all the adorable stories! When I brought Luna home my roommates wanted me to name her Stellaluna after a story about a bat with GIAGANTIC ears. Luna did have huge ears, but Stellaluna seemed like too big of a name for her. I shortened it to Luna since she is beautifully white like the moon! I LOVE my baby moon girl!
  • Sarah HartSarah Hart Posts: 1Member
    edited 20 May, 2010
    When we got Bob he was called Prince, because his ped name is merrygold prince,which stuck for about 2months,then my son renamed him ' bob the builder' after the tv character, now its kinda stuck, but he loves the name 'bob' and everyone we meet finds it funny! :) xx
  • Evangelynn ReyesEvangelynn Reyes Posts: 4Member
    edited 20 May, 2010
    I had a 130 lb. American bulldog that my brother took to California where he would have a better life. Rusty the Robot Dog was way too big for me to handle. I was missing something in my life when he left and wanted a small lap dog. I lived with my parents at the time and mother was against me having another dog. One day my mother was taking me to work when I heard screeching tires where a car had stopped abruptly. Out came the most beautiful chi from around the car. I called her to me and she jumped in my lap as my mom came out of the house. "Damit!" She said as my father told me to put her into the house before she could say no. The name doesn't fit her because she is so sweet and calm but still a funny story to share!
  • Evangelynn ReyesEvangelynn Reyes Posts: 4Member
    edited 20 May, 2010
    I was waiting for my dog to arrive from a friend who couldn't care for her. I was supposed to get her on a Tuesday but had to wait until Friday. It didn't have the same ring to it so I kept Tuesday.
  • Amanda ParmleyAmanda Parmley Las VegasPosts: 18Member
    edited 11 June, 2010
    Sophie didnt have a name the first 3 days, I couldnt decide. then I came up with Sophie so I could call her in a cute squeeky voice. say ShophieShoph in a high pitch baby voice. haha she loves it. I also call her shophiebutt and shophster. My parents laugh when I come in by mocking me yelling oh Shophie like a baby.
  • Melissa PlymaleMelissa Plymale Posts: 4Member
    edited 10 August, 2010
    Both of my Chi's were named after the starring roles in Beverly Hills Chihuahua! I fell in love and had to name them after them....only my Chloe is black and brown with white on her. They got their middle names from my FAVORITE band ever...TESLA.:o) |$|
  • Kelsey StewartKelsey Stewart Posts: 16Member
    edited 17 May, 2011
    I got my Chi mix from a shelter and he already came with the name "Enzo." It just totally suited him so we kept it :o)
  • Kate HarringtonKate Harrington Posts: 5Member
    edited 26 June, 2011
    When my mom saw me on the Petfinder website, my name was listed as Maney-Man. When she talked to the rescue lady, she was told that I was given to the shelter without any previous name listed on the in-take form. The rescue lady wondered if the people who originally owned me cared so little about me that they never gave me a name at all. [I'm not tellin'.] The rescue people gave me the name embarrassing! Well, when mom adopted me she wanted to name me Poquito which means little bit. Dad didn't like the name because he said he'd forget it. The little girl here (excuse me, she says she's a 'pre-teen')liked Poquito but her grown up sister didn't. Dad suggested Rusty or Hershey. Mom really wanted a Spanish name, but since dad had wanted another Pomeranian and ended up with a long haired Chihuahua, she decided to humor him and give me the name he wanted for me. That's why I'm Rusty...which I think is Oxidado in Spanish. ;) I've been here a month now, and I come when someone calls for Rusty. I guess that's gonna be my forever name. |r|
  • Betty MorganBetty Morgan CitronellePosts: 5,018Member
    edited 2 July, 2011
    I am chocolate covered, my name is Cocoa. BOL after a few days in my new home, Loco (crazy) got added on.:))
  • Tina WhitmoreTina Whitmore Casa GrandePosts: 26Member
    edited 20 July, 2011
    Mommy was at work one day when a couple of teenagers came in and asked her if she wanted to buy a puppy. The teenagers are homeless and Mommy wanted a puppy ever since her dog Kira died but Daddy kept saying no. Mommy gave them $50 for me and agreed to find a home for me. Later that night, Daddy goes and asks her "Where's Charlie?! Where's my puppy?" Mommy laughed and Daddy told her that he thought Charlie worked. Daddy was having a rum and coke and told Mommy "I sure love Charlie, let's keep him." So they gave me the middle name Morgan because the next morning Daddy said "Captain Morgan made me do it." They love me.
  • Ashley ForsytheAshley Forsythe Posts: 2Member
    edited 9 September, 2011
    I wanted to give him a tough little name, he is small but such a HUGE personality so i named him Harley! and i think it suites him very well!
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 18 September, 2011
    Taggert is named after Captain Samuel Taggart from this song, which is one of the husband's favorites: Free & Green Turns out there really was someone in the Union Army named Captain Samuel Taggart who served in the116 Pennsylvania voluntary and he did get killed in a similar way as the song says, even though David Kenkaid didn't know that when he wrote it. Well, we spelled his name wrong because I had never seen the lyrics, but it was too late to change it by the time we found out. Oh well, Taggert with an 'e' is a scottish variant. We thought it was good to give him a brave and noble name because he was so timid when we got him he need a confident and unique name. Most of the time we shorten to "Tag" and that fits him too because once he learned how to play, he hasn't stopped. Also he's always tagging along at my heels and always coming when called. I can't let Foxxy off leash, but Taggert would never need one if it wasn't required by law.
  • Samantha WorrellSamantha Worrell Posts: 294Member
    edited 27 September, 2011
    I love reading everyone's stories on naming!! It's fun to see the thought process behind why we name our pets what we do :) Oogie Bear was kind of a tribute to my childhood dog, Woogie (who I had named when I was 7 years old!). :c9 Woogie was a chihuahua mix, Oogie is a chihuahua mix... it just seemed like the thing to do! They even have many personality traits in common, which is pretty neat. Kip-Kip, Oogie's brother, was originally named Kip by the breeder... I added the extra "Kip" for emphasis. His name just perfectly fit his happy-go-lucky little personality! ~b~
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