Getting chihuahua in 3 days, and tips! could use all i can get!

Amanda RetzlaffAmanda Retzlaff Posts: 1Member
edited 22 April, 2010 in Chihuahua
tips on breeding, training, supplies, anything, i need them all. I have not had a dog since I was about 12. I have had cats but takin care of cats is alot different than dogs. Please help me out if you have any kind of info, even if it seems to much like common sense. Thanks to all.


  • Jack's PackJack's Pack AustinPosts: 4,608Member ✭✭
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    The best advice on breeding is to spay/neuter instead unless to secure conformation titles (Lulu, albeit beautiful, is far from the breed standard), breed appropriate health certifications, temperament certifications, etc. Otherwise, you will simply be adding to the breed's overpopulation epidemic. Chihuahuas are quickly becoming the most common small breed of dog in our nation's shelters. As they grow in popularity, there are not enough homes for the number of them being produced. Sadly, the overflow is more than rescue organizations can keep up with, so many are euthanized in shelters every day. If you have Lulu spayed prior to her going into heat, you will reduce her risk of mammary tumors to only 0.05% (there is a 26% chance once she goes through heat cycles). You will also eliminate the 25% lifetime risk of pyometra (uterine infection). You should also take into consideration the likelihood of whelping complications and the resulting expense and heartache.
  • Tracy BrowneTracy Browne Posts: 1,439Member
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    I agree 100% with Presley in the post above!! Get her spayed. She is cute, sure, but NOT breeding quality.
  • Bunny_PrincesseLilyCGNBunny_PrincesseLilyCGN bathurstPosts: 9,421Member ✭✭✭
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    I agree with the above posters but will give you some other tips as well:D Socialize Chis well! They need to get out and see things so they will not turn into the stereotypical yappy little ankle biter. They need training and boundries. Not to brag ( ok , maybe a little;) ) but Princesse has turned into an awesome little dog who loves visitors , is trained to wait for her food, go to bed ( her kennel) when told and has excellent recall ( on a long lead, I don't feel it is safe for her to be totally free). She is very well behaved in the car and when we take her places. She did not get this way by accident . I brought her everywhere I could and trained her basic manners. Her only faults are her barking , usually to announce visitors, and her shedding , which of course is not her fault;) All that said, she is fixed and I would *never * have bred her, she is not breeding quality . Did you know that there are over 10,000 Chis on petfinder looking for a home:((
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