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One big Chihuahua

Meghan HospesMeghan Hospes BrandonPosts: 7Member
edited 27 July, 2014 in Chihuahua
I'm a rescue. Some woman dumped me behind a store to fend for myself. I was about 10 months old at the time. I found my forever home through I'm a big guy. My humans thought I was a mixed breed so they had a DNA test done. Turns out I am 100% Chihuahua. I'm a huge Chihuahua, about a foot tall and weight in at 21 pounds. I could stand to lose a few but I'm still one big honkin' Chihuahua. Are there any other big Chihuahuas out there?


  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 11 September, 2010
    :-h Hey Gilbert! You are proof wonderful comes in all sizes!! I LOVE me some Chihuahuas!!! %:D%
  • Jack's PackJack's Pack AustinPosts: 4,608Member ✭✭
    edited 19 September, 2010
    We call Brax our "teddy bear sized" Chihuahua. :c9
  • Danielle LocklearDanielle Locklear StatesvillePosts: 3,919Member
    edited 23 September, 2010
    Scrappy is fairly large. He stands about a foot tall as well, but his ideal weight is 13-14lbs. He has very long legs for his body, which is why he's so tall.
  • Lisa SimonLisa Simon Balsam LakePosts: 608Member
    edited 23 September, 2010
    Gordy was up to 13 pounds for a while. He's 9 pounds now but still pretty big.
  • Susan GabrielSusan Gabriel Posts: 1Member
    edited 13 October, 2010
    I thought my Joey was the tallest chihuahua ever -- he\'s 11 inches tall at the withers and weighs around 11 pounds (he weighed around 15 pounds at his heaviest, but went on a diet so he could do agility).
  • Deanie McGuiganDeanie McGuigan WilmingtonPosts: 1,793Member
    edited 15 October, 2010
    The lady we bought Tippi from swore she was purebred, but we always have doubted it! Maybe we shouldn't! haha. She is about 13 lbs and has thick legs and thick feet, almost dachshund like! you guys are all SO cute!
  • ERIN MCNALLYERIN MCNALLY Bristow, VirginiaPosts: 1Member
    edited 20 November, 2010
    Our Dragon tips the scales at 21 pounds. He eats everything he can and is absolutely lazy. :o)
  • Grace ArmstrongGrace Armstrong Posts: 20Member
    edited 18 January, 2011
    I weigh in at Five Kilograms (Roughly eleven pounds) And apparently the AKC Breed standard weight for Chis is that exact weight.
  • Kay AyalaKay Ayala SacramentoPosts: 439Member
    edited 18 January, 2011
    Hi Moe!! In America the AKC breed standard weight for Chihuahua's is up to 6 lbs maximum. After 6 lbs, they don't even consider them Chi's!! I just don't understand that at all!!! I think over 6 lbs should be called, "Chihuahua Maximus" for maximum lovability!!:-h
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 22 January, 2011
    It's politics! I think chis should be anywhere from 2-12 lbs. I also think that deer heads and apple heads should be allowed in the breed standard, just the same as 2 different coat types. Also that chi lines should be forbidden from breeding up the line (father to daughter, or grandfather etc) I'm crazy like that, but I think Chis are in a great place to show the world that a dog breed with a vast gene pool is preferable to one that is shallow. We shouldn't be limiting our genetic diversity, or we will wind up with unhealthy dogs, just look at breeds like yorkies, boxers and king Charles Spaniels. The standards are so specific and the gene pool is so narrow for those dogs that they all are very unhealthy and inbred. at 21 lbs, your guy does look bit stocky. probably, looking at the fact he's not finely built like most, at a foot tall he should weigh 12-16 lbs Foxxy is 7.4 lbs and is overweight by about a pound, she's 9 inches tall by 11 long, taggert is exactly right at about 7.5 lbs. He's about 10 inches tall by 13 long. it's really easy to put weight on these guys if you are not careful. Taggert, for example, was picked up as a stray, and he was 9 lbs, but by the time I adopted him he was down to 7.2, but he was underweight. A couple of ounces did him good. Now we're trying to maintain his weight
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 22 January, 2011
    also, the breed standard in Kilos is between 1 and 2. you might have forgotten the conversion
  • Chavon De LeonChavon De Leon Central valleyPosts: 12Member
    edited 27 January, 2011
    There are many differnt types of chiuahuas! :D my brother and newphew(both full chiuahua) truned out long and big, while my sis is small like the typical chi. hope i helped ;c;
  • Kate HarringtonKate Harrington Posts: 5Member
    edited 26 June, 2011
    Many, many years ago, when I didn't know better than to buy a pet shop animal, I fell in love with a Chihuahua that I'd seen in a cage for a couple months. When I bought him and took him to the vet, the vet told me he was gonna be a BIG Chihuahua. At 4 months, he weighed 6 pounds. He eventually grew to be 12 pounds. He was a bigger Chihuahua than most, but also had a very big heart, a great personality, and loads of intelligence.
  • Elizabeth DeBeauxElizabeth DeBeaux RichlandPosts: 9Member
    edited 27 July, 2014
    I know this is an old thread, but I just had to respond! I too have a large Chihuahua, and his name is Maximus! Max weighs 28 pounds, and like you, we had a DNA test done, because we thought for sure he was mixed with some kind of terrier. Turns out he's 100% Chi as well! In fact, our vet told us that he knew Max was a Chihuahua before the DNA test, because he has a client who breeds larger Chi's, and has been bringing in her dogs for years. Max looks a lot like your sweet pooch! He has the best temperament, and is a real loving sweetheart. He can run as fast as a cat, and he looks like a deer as he runs, leaping and hopping! Hahahahahaha!
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