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Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
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Me as well, lol The first is to think how you would describe to me in a sentence what a dog in one\'s life is to you? Companion, a smart, funny animal. Someone to greet me when I come home, but is not devastated when I leave. A dog that would be able to do different activities, and go to different places. I do visit family quite a bit, but do not plan to have kids myself, so social, but does not have to \"enjoy\" getting hugged by youngsters. The second thing is to name any qualities in a dog that REALLY appeal to you, and some qualities that REALLY grate on you. What makes a dog extra special to you, and what makes a dog something less appealing? Any dog that is extreme in physical form, for me that is like the dacshund- adored the ones I have met, but the back thing...can\'t do it. The dogs with the squish noses, again, awesome dogs, but not for me. The large ones- I\'d be worried about hips (and my secret wish dog is a big dog, but I think it would break me to loose one). Things like that. I will be more careful on finding my next permanent dog. Dog/dog agression will be something I will try to avoid, so a more social dog would be great. Things that appeal to me are more in attitude than anything else. I like to have fun with my dogs, but I also like a dog that will think and ask \"why?\". Grooming is not a big deal, I groom my own dogs. Comedians are always appreciated. Dogs in my past have included: a couple of farm collie type dogs (workers) a terrier mix (terrier/poodle mix, very smart) a chi mix (my heart dog from childhood) a cocker spaniel (adored her, but won\'t do a cocker again) a pibble mix (the nicest dog ever) Current dog: Emma, a wheaten terrier mix. ♥ her. She has been a great match and wonderful teacher. Various fosters- wheaten mixes, 2 pure wheatens Will probably always do mutts, but I would love to explore different breeds. Prefer my scruffy dogs, but I am really wanting to learn different breeds.


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    I was thinking terriers until you got to wanting a dog that got on with other dogs. I'm sure there are social terriers but on the whole I wouldn't mentally place them in the forefront of dog-social dogs. :)) Give me some time to mull this one and I might have some more suggestions for you while we wait for Tiller and others to weigh in. :D
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    Thank you Eponine. Yeah, I\'m pretty sold on the scruffy terrier mutt (adore the Mutt). But, there might be something out there that I haven\'t spotted before...;)
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    You said no cockers but what about other spanials?
  • Tiffany MitchellTiffany Mitchell IOWAPosts: 6,792Member
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    My experience has just been with cockers, and brittany spaniels. So I don\'t have a large variety of spaniels to compare. I just know that niether of those were quite right. Were you thinking of any?
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