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it time to let her go?

Sophie RapaportSophie Rapaport Cambridge/Danehy dog parkPosts: 49Member
edited 22 November, 2010 in Get Well Soon
Honey is 14 years and 10 months old. She is still interested in food, mostly human but eats her rice with hamburger meat too. She recently had a bout of diarhea and on the recommendation of my vet I started feeding her this instead of ALS Canidae and she likes it. She walks quite well, climbs stairs and can get on "her" couch. In last few days however she somehow can not settle on it to rest. She either walks aimlessly around or stands on the couch and barks or whines. I spent most of the last night trying to calm her down with no good results. I am crying writing this but do you think it is time to let her go?


  • Linda WoodyLinda Woody Posts: 299Member
    edited 30 October, 2010
    Um, Vinnie\'s mom here. I am crying, too. Caesar, my (almost) 14 year old Mal, was doing the same thing- crying, whining, he couldn\'t get up if he got stuck, somewhere, I had to pick him up from the backyard, for instance. I could not bear to let him go. One day, he looked at me, and said \"Let me go\". I said okay. I had to have my family help because I was incaple of driving. They had to get him a stretcher at the Vets- He couldn\'t really walk- even though I gave him pain medicine. It was time, So sorry to share this with you, but I had to, because he was in pain and I couldn\'t keep him around because I loved him so much. I know now he\'s out of pain. :q I\'m sorry.
  • Sophie RapaportSophie Rapaport Cambridge/Danehy dog parkPosts: 49Member
    edited 8 November, 2010
    We helped Honey to die peacefully yesterday. It was exactly 2 months before her 15th birthday. For the last 2 days it was obvious that it was time. Thanks to all caring people who wrote in response to my quest. Sophie
  • edited 8 November, 2010
    |:| Rest in Peace.... |:||:|
  • sheila marshallsheila marshall Posts: 155Member
    edited 9 November, 2010
    oh so sorry you lost Honey, she was letting you know it's time. she is free from pain and distress now
  • Anna BurgioAnna Burgio ColumbiaPosts: 3,439Member
    edited 9 November, 2010
    Wow.. almost 15. What an incredibly long life for a dog of Honey's size, I bet it was a wonderful and fulfilling life. |:| Rest in peace little girl.
  • Victoria SchmickVictoria Schmick Posts: 5,466Member
    edited 9 November, 2010
    Sorry you had to lose your friend ...Rest In Peace Honey ...:(( Thoughts & Prayers Rommel & Thor ... :((
  • GraceGrace Posts: 120,700Member ✭✭✭
    edited 9 November, 2010
    be young and well Honey angel feather kisses to all who miss you

    _Dogs Welcome,People Tolerated _

  • JULIE REYNOLDSJULIE REYNOLDS St. LouisPosts: 10,984Member
    edited 17 November, 2010
    I am so sorry. Honey is a beautiful girl and almost 15 years with her is such a blessing. |:||:| |/a/|
  • Becky B-Becky B- Posts: 3Member
    edited 20 November, 2010
    I as every (pet owner knows) that it is the hardest thing you have to do with pets and I am truly sorry for your loss.|:|
  • Trina JulienTrina Julien SanfordPosts: 36,752Member
    edited 21 November, 2010
    |:||:||:||:||:| Honey |:||:||:||:|
  • Trina JulienTrina Julien SanfordPosts: 36,752Member
    edited 21 November, 2010
    Honey I am trying to go to your page and can't get to it sweetie. What's your i.d number? |:||:||:||:|
  • Becky BushBecky Bush Posts: 37Member
    edited 22 November, 2010
    So so sorry for your loss. I know how people love their dogs as family. I know we do. I truely hope you know you did what was best for Honey. May your days get easier.|:|
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