• DeDe RigeotDeDe Rigeot New YorkPosts: 57Member
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    Well, the whole sitting on the bench by the river did not work out yesterday, because it had gotten super windy - too windy to sit outside! so we went back home instead :( Today it's too cold to sit outside but it's supposed to get warmer later this week. Yeah, I was afraid that Kiska might start biting, but most of the time I was holding her when people were trying to pet her. I have to say, my father in law was probably the worst, the way he was holding her down and petting her (all while in my arms) and I kept telling him to stop, but he kept insisting it was fine and I was like, "No, she's totally freaking out, stop touching her". Well, I think Kiska hates him the most now because she wouldn't even go near him anymore and she would bark really meanly at him whenever she saw him! Then he was like, "I don't get why your dog doesn't like me" and my husband said, "Well, it's probably because you wouldn't leave her alone when clearly she was not comfortable with you touching her". My father in law was like, "Ummm, no, I don't think that's it...there must be some other reason..." I feel like this all might be a strictly French thing; most people and children in NYC ask me first if they can pet, or when they try to pet and they see Kiska is freaking out, they'll usually back off. Only maybe once a week or so do I get the crazy person coming up and just petting her without asking - and it's almost always when I'm in the midst of a struggle, like picking up Kiska's poop in the middle of the sidewalk at rush hour, or when she's totally freaking out, barking and lunging and I'm trying to calm her down or pick her up and we're also running late for Kiska's class... Anyway I am excited because our puppy kindergarten place is offering one free week of dogwalking. I talked it over with the trainer who said it might be a good idea because then Kiska might be too distracted by having a new person walking her, plus there will be 2 other dogs being walked with her, to be all overstimulated by the noises and people outside. I called to schedule for next week and I'm just waiting for them to call me back to confirm... I got another email from a different AKK breeder looking to place an adult AKK! Eeeek! That's like, 2 different ones within 3 weeks! I feel really bad turning them down, but I really don't think I can handle anything more than Kiska right now... :(
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    Don't feel bad :) Good breeders know what they get themselves into when they decide to breed dogs - all the pups might not even sell, plus some pups may need to be returned. They're always prepared to keep just that one more extra pup waiting for its forever home. :D
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    Kiska no reason to feel bad at all, lilith is totally right. Breeders know exactly what they are getting into when they start breeding, I they know that things happen people could return pups,or they not turn out right & have to place dogs they had plans for like sizzle. I'm sure thy will all find great homes, I hope things clear up so you can start working with Kiska. Don't feel bad that you can't handle another right now, trust me they are a lot of work LOL. Sizzle & E are totally crazy, my house is pure chaos now & I'm loving every minute of it. Misha- yes Esme is loving having a dog that can keep up with her although we do have little tifs now & then because of it but all is going well so far :) How is everyone?
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    Good! Lilith is still attempting to put Ghost 'in his place'. They are roughly the same height right now (though he's more than double her weight), so she can still "tell him who's boss"... or rather, try to! She's gotten to be a bit clingy and jealous of the new pup, but it'll work itself out. How is Esme and Sizzle and the rest of the crew? How's Sasha taking it?!
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    :)) I bet soon Ghost will put her in her place, or maybe not Sasha & E often times rule the larger dogs. Things are going great with Sizzle & Esme & the rest of the crew. Sasha loves Sizzle & when she hides Sasha will go & paw at her & whine & look at me like MOM make her get out. Esme & Sizzle play constantly & have little tiffs, I think they are still trying to figure out who the head **** is. Its really Sasha & neither of them screw with her :)). Gizmo is the ladys man now, as he is the only male animal we have right now & he is loving every minute of it. Sizzle is attached to me & still skittish, she is comign around to everyone else now & will get out and play instead of just hiding which is great :D I think things are going to be perfect:c9
  • Jo ChristensenJo Christensen Grand ForksPosts: 1Member
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    Hello - So glad to have someone to talk to about Klee Kai's. I have two named Koda and Cassie. Koda is really shy, but Cassie loves everyone.
  • Heather RohrHeather Rohr PlymouthPosts: 2Member
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    Hello! I am also very new to this and have a hard time finding AKK owners. Meeko is 3 months old! =) She does pretty well with potty training but won't let me know when she has to go outside.
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