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Update on Lexi

Jodi MahanJodi Mahan Posts: 574Member
edited 14 March, 2011 in Get Well Soon
To my sheer surprise and cautious delight so far.....Lexi walked out of her crate this a.m., not limping. She did get out, do her business, ate and drank a litle and went right back in her crate so????? will know more as the day goes on.....gonna try to get her into the vet today..she needs her Rabies shot and maintenece...ears checked and cleaned and those dreaded toe nails! I had a hard time sleeping last night and I feel like I got hit by a truck but things are looking pretty good right now.


  • Kate BKate B Staten IslandPosts: 857Member
    edited 25 February, 2011
    yay!!!! Maybe she just slightly pulled a muscle and it's better? So great! Sam himself is recovering from a knee injury and I am so scared of him reinjuring! Good luck!
  • Dale PageDale Page Posts: 36,728Member
    edited 25 February, 2011
    Oh! I hope you are just right as rain now!!|:|
  • edited 25 February, 2011
    Slipping Knees, aka Luxating Patellae, unfortunately come and go just like that. :( Lexi's vet should tell you what grade it is.. Just because she walked better today doesn't mean much :( Luxating Patellae don't heal on their own, can only be managed in mild cases.. Surgery isn't that bad should you need it, and had high success rate. Either way, hope Lexi feels better!
  • Stephanie PykeStephanie Pyke OmahaPosts: 1,372Member
    edited 26 February, 2011
    that's so true. Tag has a lv 1-2 on the right leg that slips out when he trots, but not when he's walking or galloping. It was worse, but we've been making him swim in the bathtub and we've taken another 7oz off of him from when we got him, and that was after losing 32oz when he was at the pound. His kneecap is slipping a lot less than it used to, but eventually I know it will need surgery, which will cost around $800 for that one leg. We've just been working on giving him a good grain free, protein rich diet, low impact excersize and glucosamine suppliments. Personally I think he had a rough birth and maybe calcium deficiency, certainly a bad diet. He has all sorts of clues along his right side, like white spots in the shape of fingertips along his undercarriage, a floppy right ear, and he used to have impacted primaries. But I'm getting off topic. I hope the vet can give you a good estimate on the severity of that LP. It's no fun fr bouncy zoomy dogs to have knee problems
  • Kate BKate B Staten IslandPosts: 857Member
    edited 7 March, 2011
    How is Lexi? Need updates!
  • Jodi MahanJodi Mahan Posts: 574Member
    edited 7 March, 2011
    Oh thanks Sam for asking. Lexi is doing great so far!!! I can\'t believe it but sure am happy about it. I am still trying to learn my way around this site a bit ...or I would have prob done an update. Thanks again!!!!:)
  • Kate BKate B Staten IslandPosts: 857Member
    edited 10 March, 2011
    I am so glad to hear! Knee injuries are so scary. Me and Sam just started walking longer around the block last week. Yesterday was Sam's three month anniversary of his knee injury.
  • Jodi MahanJodi Mahan Posts: 574Member
    edited 13 March, 2011
    Oh my gosh , I am sorry to hear this about Sam! The knee injurys are hard to watch thats for sure! So a longer walk...then I am assuming it is getting better? I sure hope so!
  • Kate BKate B Staten IslandPosts: 857Member
    edited 14 March, 2011
    Thanks, Yeah he is, slowly but surely. The first two months he got better very quickly, improving every day, but now it's slowed down. But still improving. I am still very careful and wary of every move he makes. He gets yelled at a lot because he is under the impression he is 100% and is willing to leap and run and wrestle with no consequence. But we are hopeful. He is ten so he will probably take longer. It's possible that he won't have 100% freedom for another 6-8 months. And he might never be 100% but he'll come close, and plus for his age he is doing wonderfully, exceeding all of my expectations.
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