Hair on carpets

Ashley SzymkowiczAshley Szymkowicz KingstonPosts: 462Member
Are there any products that help lift the hair off the carpet? I vacuum and I vacuum and its still stuck to the carpets. Also, when I wash the blankets on their dog beds (and the dog bed covers) I can never get all the hair off. I tried fluff drying with dryer sheets and theres still a ton of hair. :? Any advice?


  • Lya AshleyLya Ashley SmethportPosts: 5,878Member
    edited 27 February, 2011
    I use a Dyson animal and it picks up all the fur!! %:D% I wash the blankets 1-2x's a week and use a bounce or downy dryer sheet. When I clean the lint filter it's loaded with fur. I'm not sure how else to get fur out of a blanket - ours come up pretty clean...
  • Melissa SMelissa S Posts: 12Member
    edited 2 March, 2011
    I'd have to agree with the Dyson comment...we just upgraded to a Dyson and it makes a HUGE difference with our carpet. Quincy sheds a lot and has very thick fur. She's black and our carpet is beige, so it's not a good combination!
  • Bella and Daisy BeautifulBella and Daisy Beautiful Posts: 5,136Member
    edited 2 March, 2011
    Dyson. I also wash the dog stuff in commercial laundromat washers/dryers. Cleans the hair much better than my cheap apartment washer.
  • Halo HuthHalo Huth Posts: 482Member
    edited 3 March, 2011
    Use Velux blankets, the fur comes right out with either a tumble in the dryer or a paint roller covered in double sided tape. They are also non staining and do not hold odors so very easy to keep clean. They do not pill or crush like other blankets and, no matter how often and how many times you launder them, they look new. For carpets, frequent dog brushing, vacuum often and, use a rotating brush shampoo machine 3-4 times a year.
  • Lisa PurcellLisa Purcell Ladys IslandPosts: 138Member
    edited 3 March, 2011
    We have about four vacuums in our house (including a $1,000 "Electrolux" vacuum that my boyfriends mom bought a few years ago from a door-to-door salesmen), and the ONLY one that gets up all the hair is my trusty Dyson:). I don't have the animal one, just the "all floors" one, but it does it's job. Interestingly enough, despite my new house having a "better" washer and dryer, I've suddenly began having problems with dog hair staying on everything. Zooey has her own blankets, and, if I'm bothered by the amount of hair left over after washing, I vacuum them with the upholstery attachment on my dyson. I also end up vacuuming out the dryer after washing her things!
  • edited 4 March, 2011
    Glad for all the postive comments on the Dyson, going to buy one this weekend!! |$||$||$|
  • Kayla DeverKayla Dever Rochester HillsPosts: 2,010Member
    edited 5 March, 2011
    We love our Dyson, but I use my zoom groom in the back of the car where I crate since Quincy's hair gets especially stuck in there. Those dang barbs just make his hair a little more difficult. Over all, though, the Dyson has worked wonders. And =; to Quincy, my Riley's actual litter mate :))
  • Ashley SzymkowiczAshley Szymkowicz KingstonPosts: 462Member
    edited 7 March, 2011
    I forgot about this thread lol I wish I could afford a dyson I've always heard good things about them & dog hair. Unfortunately I can't! Guess I'll just live with it haha
  • Diana McWilliamsDiana McWilliams Posts: 102Member
    edited 9 March, 2011
    I got a Bissell pet sweeper because like you I didn't want to pay a ton. I had an old Hoover and a whole house vac, but this Bissell with a static plate on the front to raise hair and the cyclonic action is great. When I first started using it I thought my old sweeper was doing a great job, but I would fill the bagless container 2-3 times in a room and the grit that came up was unbelieveable. By sweeping daily for a while I've reached the point that I only get a reasonable amount of hair for a long haired dog that is brushed 2-3 times a week. As for bedding every so often I just load up Sara's bedding and go to a laudromat. That seems to do the best job of removing hair and it's not in my dryer. As you see by her photo Sara is one hairy dog, not at bad as a Golden but bad enough.
  • themisfitbenji1themisfitbenji1 Posts: 6,990Member ✭✭✭
    edited 6 May, 2011
    Cinnamon used to get fur all over our carpet... no matter how many times a day we brushed her. We can't afford a Dyson, either. (Though, I would love one as I've heard so many good things about them.) Our vacuum got up a little of her hair, but it would leave some behind. We would actually take a broom to it. It was hard and took an hour for each room, but it got the job done. We'd sweep at it all until the fur was in one large pile and then move the pile to a trash bag. Just dealing with it might be an easier alternative, though. :))
  • JENNIFER BERGERONJENNIFER BERGERON Rockford, IllinoisPosts: 2,125Member
    edited 6 May, 2011
    I\'m a big fan of using carpet sprinkle- Arm & Hammer makes a \"pet\" one that claims to help get extra hair up from the carpet when you vacuum. I dunno how well it actually works (I have 4 shedding animals so it never stops lol) but I love the smell! I just put the dogs outside for 20 minutes or so while it\'s on the carpet and then I vacuum really really well. :?
  • Pamela SpinkPamela Spink Posts: 1,429Member
    edited 8 May, 2011
    Furminator. Yes, I brush my carpet XD But really it works pretty well. Anything it doesn't pick up the vacuum usually can after that since it loosens it up. I also use a slicker on my carpet and blankets.
  • elvinsimselvinsims Posts: 6Member
    Pet hairs are the issue with almost every one I came up with many robotic vacuums but all does not work pretty well. only deebot  m80 helps pretty well in the situation. 
  • elvinsimselvinsims Posts: 6Member
    Every review i have gone through is trying to sale somehow to make commission but i think this "deebot" is the actual review you should read before making any decision
  • elvinsimselvinsims Posts: 6Member
    Deebot m80 would be the best fit for you
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