My Eskie and Meeting New People

Heather MengarelliHeather Mengarelli Posts: 7Member
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Hello, I have a 3 yr old Eskie rescue. He has come along way since we adopted him 7 months ago. He has really gained confidence through taking him to day care and obedience training. I know the breed trait is to be cautious of strangers, but even after a few minutes of standing next to someone he continues to bark at them. Not a mean bark just a worry bark. But something’s cause him to bark or even try snip at people. For example someone appoached him i let him "Say Hello" he goes and sniffs them walk back to me, he will do it again. then come back to me a 2nd time. then just bark. Is anyone else's Eskie this stand offish with other people???? If so how did you try to work on trusting others. He also had an issue with men in hats. We believe he was hurt by a male figure in his previous home. He is a GREAT DOG over all we love him and want him to be a therpy dog one day. He is great once he trusts someone. I know alot of this comes with socialization. Any additional tips would be great.


  • Lindsey KingLindsey King Posts: 1Member
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    Wish I could help more, 2 of mine are rescues and they do the same thing. I have had them for a few years now and it has gotten A TON better with time, patience, and training but I think they will always be that way from their history of abuse :(
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    My youngest Daisy is like this. She dislikes children and any stranger that looks different from the people she is usually around. Unfortunately, it seems to be the breed. I have had her literally since she was born and she has always gone to the park, the pet store, and other outings. She just does not like people that she doesn't know.
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    Gypsy Road is like this and he's six. Of course, he was bitten by another dog when he was going to classes, so that increased his anxiety with both humans and animals. Jack is the complete opposite. He loves everyone.
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    I adopted my Eskie when she was 8 months old and she is now 9 years old. She came from severe abuse and sad to say they never forget it and will always protect themselves from the harm they endured. They are also very loyal dogs and your Eskie maybe not only protecting himself, but protecting you too. My Samantha (Eskie) is overly protective of me. She will not leave my side. I recently had surgery and had neighbors and friends walking her. She would not walk unless I was in her sights as that is how protective they are. The older they become it seems the more protective they become. Not to say they become mean, but Eskie's are very strong judges of character and when they sense something is wrong they will let you know it. So your Eskie is most likely remembering the abuse, but also being protective. He is loving you as Eskie's are highly loving and loyal. All I can say is to just keep socializing him. Do not scold him for his actions among strangers such as him barking as that is his defense mechanism to protect you and him. He loves you and he wants your love to, in which I am sure you are doing. Thank you for rescuing an Eskie and removing him from harm. They are loving children and just want our love. To many people take them for granted and their is so much Eskie abuse that it makes me sick. As it says in their heritage they are highly intelligent dogs and I so do agree. To me they are special little angels with invisible wings. Sue and Samantha
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    I know this post is a little old but my eskie is the same way. I don't know about older/adopted dogs because I only have an eskie puppy. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old - he is about 19 weeks now. We try to socialize him with new people, dogs, and places weekly and he already passed puppy classes with flying colors! |$| He is wary of other dogs and people - some of puppy class was spent barking at the other pups and trying to play rather than pay attention to me. He will bark at new dogs and he just takes a little bit of time to warm up to dogs AND people but after being around them for a couple minutes he loves everyone! He WILL nip at people who don't let him sniff them first or dogs that catch him off guard. Also - he LOVES one of my good friends but he saw her in a hat recently and he FLIPPED until she took it off! He is still a puppy so we are still working on everything but he is literally such an angel and a great dog until we take him around new people and dogs but after about 15 minutes he adjusts well. After that you are lucky if you can stop him from giving you a million kisses if you are a person or playing if you are a dog (seriously. he annoys older dogs because when they are tired of playing he is still full of puppy energy!!!) Hopefully someday he will be happy and friendly to dogs and people right from the get-go! A lady we met in petsmart who has an american eskimo said they DO get better with socialization and as they get older and calm down a little :]!
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