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Almost two years ago, we invested numerous resources and rebuilt the Dogster community. With new hardware, software and personnel, we did our best to satisfy the many users who shared their thoughts, pictures, questions, and love for and of their pets with us and friends. It was a thriving community with many users. We hoped, however, there would be more like you.

Times and habits have changed and we are sad to announce that the Dogster community will be closing down on July 20, 2019.

Dogster magazine, and the associated social media sites are NOT shutting down. We encourage you to continue reading the content found in the pages of the magazine and the web sites, commenting through the mechanisms provided and sharing your ideas and comments with us and your fellow readers.

Instructions for accessing pet profiles were shared with everyone in 2017. The instructions can be found within the forum. AFTER JULY 20TH, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THIS CONTENT. And, effective immediately, we are no longer able to answer questions about the community.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you through our magazine and website.


Goals for the New Year...A list:



  • Sarah BeurkensSarah Beurkens SpartaPosts: 212Member
    edited 3 January, 2012
    2011 Earned a RN and CGC Competed and won Rally Pairs 2012 Have fun and retire Old girl just turned 10
  • Sarah BeurkensSarah Beurkens SpartaPosts: 212Member
    edited 3 January, 2012
    2011 Earned RN Scored 98 and first place in first RA run Did therapy Work 4h obedience champion 2012 Earn RA, BN, CGC, and TDI Try to get legs in RE, and CD have fun Try agility attempt camping
  • Sami KingSami King Posts: 581Member
    edited 3 January, 2012
    2011 Ava -Earned her NTD and learned enough tricks to go for her ITD (we just haven't sent in for it yet. lol!) -No longer leash reactive, and learning to trust other dogs again! People told me bringing a new puppy in would make all her problems worse, and even that her behavior would rub off on the puppy and he'd become as bad as her, but I honestly think Nix has been the most help in all of it with his love of other dogs and showing Ava that they're ok after all. ...I realize that's an exception to the general rule that puppies will Not solve your older dog's problems, but... well.. he did! :c9 Nix -Was born. That an accomplishment right? :)) -Met his first sheep at 4 months old and began herding lessons at 6 months, and is showing great instinct! -Started learning to catch his frisbee 2012 Ava -Plans to send in for her ITD, and then some -Plans to keep on being a great pet! Nix -Plans to stop eating random crap he finds on the ground -Plans to aim for a more perfect recall -Plans to keep on herding -Plans to get better about catching his frisbee
  • Sami KingSami King Posts: 581Member
    edited 3 January, 2012
    double post
  • Paul BradyPaul Brady Falcon Heights, MNPosts: 1,500Member
    edited 4 January, 2012
    2011 Charks discovered dock jumping and went wild. Charks and I began dancing together in agility. 2012 Start competing in dock jumping when the glacier recedes Start trialing in agility Stop procrastinating and get CD
  • OzfozzOzfozz OshawaPosts: 9,366Member ✭✭
    edited 4 January, 2012
    2011 Not an overly eventful year. Unfortunately agility trials were non existent for us, and only one class was taken to help keep Cobain's skills up. Oz might have lost some weight, which would be a bonus :)) Biggest thing of 2011 was opening our home to a shelter dog. Which in itself was incredibly rewarding 2012 I've got a couple goals with my pups for the new year...thinking of some of this as I go along: - Do at least 6 agility trials before the year ends - Get Rigby into obedience AND agility - At least 1 obedience trial with Cobain - Test Rigby out in the canoe and kayak - Work on Rigby's submissive issues (no more peeing!!)
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