Issues with weight of my Akita an Akita cross

sacha andersonevanssacha andersonevans Posts: 3Member
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Hi, i have a 14 mnth old male husky X akita and a 12 month old akita ****. i think they are both under weight as they seem very lean. they are both quite tall slender dogs and both very active. just wondering how much food i should be feeding them daily?


  • Pam LaVignePam LaVigne Posts: 5,251Member
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    Akita's and husky's both can appear a bit too lean during the ages you have mentioned. How much they need to eat will depend on what you are feeding,please check to make sure your food does not contain,soy,corn,or wheat. All are known to cause allergies and soy can contribute to other health problems as well. I personally feed Blue Buffalo Wilderness to my pups and they get about 2 cups each and are only moderately active. I also suppliment this with about 4 ounces for each pup of tuna,chicken or beef daily or some scrambled eggs.My Mika is 5 shes the brindle and only recently began putting on some extra weight. Kai is just past age 2 and still a bit on the lean side and will continue to be so until closer to age 3. That is normally when all their growth and filling out is complete.Without seeing pics it is hard to tell if yours are too thin or not. If you can easily feel ribs/spine but not see them or spaces between the ribs they are most likely getting enough to eat and just not filled out yet. Hope this helps. If you want or need more info please p-mail me and I will try to help. I have 15+ years of experience and research with Akitas.
  • sacha andersonevanssacha andersonevans Posts: 3Member
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    hi, i recently had them both weighed and my akita girl weighs 77lbs and my husky akita male weighs 58lbs. from what i have seen and read online this is normal weights for them both being under the age of 2 still. i have upped their food slightly thou with more suplements also and they seem to be happier healthier dogs :). thank u so much for your responce. much appritiated. they are my first 'own' dogs of these breeds and just wanted to be sure i was looking after them correctly.
  • April ShuylerApril Shuyler Posts: 640Member
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    Heyyy, Lobo's an akita/husky mix, too! %:D% Your male seems like the right weight in my opinion. Lobo is about 72lbs and is actually overweight at the moment. His ideal weight is about 60-65lbs. Lobo's five years old, but will be six this November. I can't say much for your girl, but it does sound right to me anyways. Careful with adding too much. You could really hurt their growth that way. Too much of something is never good.
  • sacha andersonevanssacha andersonevans Posts: 3Member
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    thank you so much for the comments LOBO :) i love my dogs and just want the best for them. am not giving too much supplement tho as u said. an they have the odd raw bone now an then :) they seem happy an healthy
  • Pam LaVignePam LaVigne Posts: 5,251Member
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    It sounds as if both of your pups are right on target. As long as they seem happy and healthy they most likely are. Not all Akitas are like the ones you see in the show ring. Both of my pups are pure Akita. Mika is on the very small side and Kai the very large side. Mika's Ideal weight at age 5 is 70-75 pounds. Kai's ideal weight when finally grown will be between 115-125 pounds which is slightly larger than the standard size/weight for a male but so is he. The only suppliments other than the meat or meaty bone that you add that I honestly would recommend and I have given it to mine since puppyhood is fish oil (any brand is fine)Akitas need extra omega3's.And a glucosamine/condroitin suppliment for joint health and with the omega's you'll need to add some extra vitamin E. All of these help with,skin,coat,eye,brain,bone and joint health. I have 16 years with the breed and my vet,who I travel more than 30 miles one way to see has more than 20 years experience with Akitas as well as a few staff members who are former Akita breeders and Kai's breeder now travels 90 minutes to see him,so I trust his judgement and opinion.
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