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Tammy LantzTammy Lantz Posts: 2Member
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We got my 5 year old son a 13 week old puppy (3/4 akita, 1/4 husky). He is the sweetest pup. Getting along great everyone, with our 5 year old toy eskimo, and starting to learn his name. The only problem is that he is completely bonding to my husband instead of our son. Every day the bond just gets stronger. Any suggestions on what we can do. My husband has tried to show my son all the things to do (but with a 5 year old attention span, we only get so much attention). Please help!


  • Pam LaVignePam LaVigne Posts: 5,251Member
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    Akitas tend to pick their own people. Don't worry too much because they typically adore children and make wonderful guardians for them.One thing you want to make sure of is that the puppy gets used to the typical rough play of boys because they can become overly protective of "their children" and may at some later point unless exposed early and often take the running and screaming/squealing of a child as an attack rather than play. Also,since your pup is old enough to have all the necessary vaccines you need to make a huge effort to socialize it constantly.Akitas should meet a minimum of 100 new and different people before they are a year old and socialization needs to be life long. Although they are beautiful and can be amazing family pets,neither of the breeds in your puppy is an easy breed and they are not right for everyone please do some research on both to find out if your family is ready for what you have gotten into. I don't mean to offend you but I have seen the results of improperly handled Akitas and would hate to see you have him,love him,and lose him simply because you didn't understand his needs.
  • Tammy LantzTammy Lantz Posts: 2Member
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    I appreciate your response. We actually previously owned an Akita that we rescued at a little over a year old. She had some bad habits (like not getting along with other animals), that we did not get the opportunity to overcome because of her age. We are fully aware of the breeds and fully aware of what we need to do to properly care for him. The only thing I was curious about was how to get him to bond with the little boy vs the typical he picks his alpha male and goes with that. It's just a bit heartbreaking to see him bonding more with my husband than with my son. I guess we will just continue onto puppy class as planned :)
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    Where does the puppy sleep? We have always kept ours with us in our room. Perhaps putting the crate in your sons room or allowing him to sleep with your son,gated in that room would help. Akitas bond very well when allowed to sleep with their people. You can't really pick their person but you can encourage a better bond.Also try allowing your son and only your son to give him very special high value treats. The fact that Akitas don't get along with other animals is actually quite typical. Mine can be completely trusted only with a select few. Mika&Kai are my second and third Akitas and I have 16 years experience with the breed. They are usually fine with other dogs/pets as puppies but as they reach sexual maturity they tend to become a bit less so and females tend to be a bit more agressive than males toward other animals. Good Luck with your pup wish I could help more.
  • Jacquelyn CrowsonJacquelyn Crowson Grand PrairiePosts: 207Member
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    Another way that might help your puppy bond to your son (and it's rather important anyways) is to make sure your son is involved in the puppy's training. I had my daughter with me for each of my Akita's training sessions and he bonded equally to the both of us. He divides his time between sleeping next to my bed and sleeping next to hers (he hates sleeping IN bed LOL). Good luck to you, and your family. Both breeds are wonderful in their own way, but they are also quite a bit of work. ;)
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