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Lazer needs a friend :)

Christabelle BalisacanChristabelle Balisacan Posts: 7Member
edited 14 March, 2012 in German Shepherd
Hi, is there any german shepherds living near fayetteville, I need a playmate.. hehe Mommy dosn't want me to feel lonely and sad.. Mom said she wants to buy a new female german shepherd puppy like me, to be my playmate forever do anyone has idea where I can find her??


  • OnyxOnyx Posts: 3,322Member
    edited 7 March, 2012
    I honestly wouldn't recommend getting another puppy until Lazer is at least a year old, preferably 2-3 years old. There's a reason good breeders will almost never sell two puppies together to the same person. For starters, two puppies are about 10x the work of one. But more importantly, two puppies will likely bond very strongly to each other and subsequently, bond less strongly to their people. To avoid this, the pups would need to be crated separately, trained separately, walked separately, fed separately, get play time with you separately, ect. ect. You can see how this is a lot more work and it also means you would get to spend 1/2 as long with each pup as you would if you only had one. Raising one puppy is a ton of work. Properly raising two puppies simultaneously is more than most people can handle. It can be done but it's not easy. It's very tempting to just leave them together all the time and let them tire each other out but that is a big mistake, and one that most people make. Here are a few articles on the subject: Double Trouble …. Raising Two Puppies At Once! Sibling Dogs: The Worst Of Both Worlds Raising Two Pups at the Same Time: Why it's a Bad Idea Raising 2 Puppies at the Same Time
  • edited 7 March, 2012
    I agree with Onyx about puppies..BUT...if you truly want a second dog you could look at a breed specific rescue & adopt an older dog. You could find a young adult who has a known temperament. Even better if the dog is in a foster home with younger pups. That way you know what you are getting.
  • OnyxOnyx Posts: 3,322Member
    edited 9 March, 2012
    Mommy dosn't want me to feel lonely and sad.. To address this, socialization with other dogs is important for a puppy, however, he won't be lonely or sad as an only dog. His strongest bond should be with you, you should be his best friend. If you spend lots of time with him, he won't be lonely. I agree with Squ'mey that if you want to get another dog right away, an older rescue would be a better choice. It would still be advisable to spend separate time with each of them but it would be less work than two puppies. My other dog was three when I got Onyx and I kept (and still keep) their interactions very limited. They are only together when I'm there with them and they usually spend less than an hour total together per day. I want him bonded to me above anything else. As it explains in the articles, puppies need to be allowed to develop their own personalities. When you keep two puppies together constantly, they can become two parts of a whole rather than two individuals. It's not uncommon for puppies raised together to become extremely dependent on each other and to be unable to function normally when separated. They may also fight as they mature. It is, of course, up to you whether you get another puppy/dog but I would not advise getting a puppy because you think it's the best choice for Lazer. It's natural to think that getting your puppy a friend is a good idea but it may hurt him in the long run, and will very likely hurt your relationship with him. For socialization, I would stick to playdates with dogs you know and trust and start obedience classes with him.
  • Aimee BricknerAimee Brickner fairfieldPosts: 141Member
    edited 14 March, 2012
    Have you taken Lazer to any dog parks yet or socialized him with other dogs? Thats a big step before getting him a friend! Make sure he gets along with other dogs and puppies. Maybe even finding an older GSD (or one his age) might help. We recently (2 months ago) got Omen a "sister". He is 1.5 years old and we got a 3 month old husky. Its been great and Omen is much happier having a play mate at home instead of having to go to the dog park to play.
  • Have seen some German Shepherds at many rescues. Maybe try this site to see if anything pops up: As far as the other breeds are concerned you may want to try and see if they say anything about German Shepherds.
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