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crystal viramontescrystal viramontes Posts: 8Member
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Hi I'm Kuma People say they have NEVER seen an akita with my markings... but i know there has to be some other akita with my colors.. please tell me if you have i heard ther akitas with my markings are very rare its some type of brindle.. well i'd like to hear back from someone please, thanks.. check out my profile pic and look at the colors..:?


  • Pam LaVignePam LaVigne Posts: 5,251Member
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    Kuma- nope not rare,not very typical but not rare,looks like you are a fawn over black. I have seen a few and my breeder had a litter born a week or two after Kai's litter that had 3 of them. Although it is a bit more common to see the red over black,black or brown over red or silver,fawn over black isn't that much of a rarity,it's just brindle. Markings and colors in brindle vary widely. Wish I knew something about Akita genetics that could explain how to determine color but I'm not sure even my breeder could explain it. We still can't figure out how Kai came out the color he did when his mother was pure white and his father was black and silver marked similar to a typical GSD. The rest of his littermates were white,red pinto or black pinto. He was the only one that was solid red over white and had a black mask. If you look at his individual page and then look at him now,you would never believe he was the adult version of that puppy. Mika is a black over red brindle with black mask and white markings. Both of her parents and in fact her entire pedigree had similar markings,yet Kai's breeder has a female that is half sister to Mika that is a fawn with black markings,and a neice of Mika's that is pure white,also from brindle parents.Kuma may be a little less typical but not a rarity.
  • crystal viramontescrystal viramontes Posts: 8Member
    edited 12 April, 2012
    Really!! we have never seen one exactly like her and if we did most of them would be a darker or have a darker black. Her Father was all white and her mother was redish with a black mask. But the breeder said her grandmother was that color. so we looked up that she is silver fawn. I posted a better pic of her on Akita World (facebook) and there was one person out of the 70,000 followers that had an akkita this color. We are just so curious so if you have some more information then please send me a paw mail or respond on this post! Thanks!
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