It is confirmed...Jack needs surgery

Kelly LawKelly Law BuffaloPosts: 10,563Member
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Apparently his teeth aren't so great, so he's going to have the dislocated tooth removed, and have a dental cleaning. Hopefully no more teeth will be removed. Just that one. Auntie Kim is going to look over the estimate and then call them tomorrow. I knew this was going to happen and it scares me to death. They told me that they do a light sedation, and no one has passed under them, which is good. He would be coming home the same day, but it still scares me, as he is my baby.


  • HannaBelleHannaBelle HoustonPosts: 18,357Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I'm sure Jack will come through all this just fine but I understand the worry. I worry like that , too! We had a dog that had a tooth removed and no problem. Annie has had her teeth cleaned several times under sedation and was just fine. Fingers & paws crossed that all will be well! |:|

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  • Angel_LexiAngel_Lexi Duluth,MNPosts: 29,607Member ✭✭✭
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    |:| Jack |:| I'm sure you will do well but do understand the worry. I have had dentals and everything went well. Try and remember they do these all day long with no problems|:|
  • nathalie zeulevoetnathalie zeulevoet Posts: 5,016Member
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    he will be fine....vets know what they are doing even with the reql old doggies...big hug to jack|:||:||:||:||:||:||:|
  • Kelly LawKelly Law BuffaloPosts: 10,563Member
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    Jack is only six! LOL No seriously, I'm trying not to worry, but I can't help it. He's my baby. You see, the boys picked who are their favorites and while Gypsy Road latched onto Auntie Kim, Jack latched on to me. I have heard stories of pets dying while being under for a dental cleaning. This is what scares me the most. I don't have the emotions to go through this right now. If we lose him...I don't knwo what will happen. Maybe I am being over anxious, but I can't help it. |:||:| Mom
  • nathalie zeulevoetnathalie zeulevoet Posts: 5,016Member
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    it's rare out of a million,especially with the things they use now... when misty was nine she had breast cancer...when they put her under the normal Anesthesia she got a huge was awful... i had her body in my hands and i helt her they woke her up right away(yes they can do that)and than they used a special gas Anesthesia..that was for senior dogs and it went fine after talk to you vet about your fears,they can help you to fell ok...
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