Question about distemper and rabies vaccines

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Gypsy Road got his three year rabies shot and distemper. Jack got his one year rabies shot (I'm assuming they didn't have the three year, plus his surgery coming up) and the distemper. Jack is tired, even the day after. We remember Gypsy Road turning in early, the night after he got his. It just seems like Jack is more tired and we're pretty sure his back end is tender. He goes up the stairs slowly. I just want to know side effects. I DON'T want to be told to not vaccinate them, because from what I have read on some really upsets me that people don't do that. My boys go for walks and rabies IS THE LAW in my state. I just want to know how long he may be tired and sore for.


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    Give it a few more days. Some dogs will be sore for 3ish days any longer and I'd probably give the vet a call. (And the 3 year is actually the exact same vax as the 1 year, it just carries a higher insurance. They also have 3 year DHLPP and DAP shots though you have to hunt for them a bit. :))
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    Your best bet would be to contact your vet. If that's not an option because it's the weekend, then I would be keeping a careful eye on him and if he is still sore and tired on Monday, then I would call the clinic. I'm going to add that I would be concerned if my vet was okay with giving two shots during the same visit. Ideally there should be several weeks to a month in between vaccinations. To my knowledge, the only difference between the one year and three year rabies vaccination is the packaging.
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    Gypsy Road had both shots in the same visit. So we're not worried there.
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    Some lethargy and soreness after a vaccination is normal but if it lasts more than a couple days, I would call your vet. I agree with Rexy that giving multiple vaccinations in the same visit is not ideal. Rabies especially is one I would wait at least a couple weeks after other vaccinations to give. Not only because your dog's system is having to deal with a lot when you load up on shots all at once, but also because if your dog does have a reaction, you won't know which vaccine caused it.
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    Remember, Jack also needs to go into surgery, so getting him vaccinated is important. Our vet is state of the art and it is required that they have their rabies shots before we get their dog licenses, which is REQUIRED in New York. I don't know why you all have such a big probelm with our vet, but times do change and so do procedures. Apparently, my vet sees NOTHING wrong with it. Now, if you are all going to continue harping on me about THAT subject, then I will have no choice but to remove this post and stay out of Dog Health. For those of you who gave us the good information...THANK YOU. That we appreciate.
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    I apologize if my post offended you, that was not my intent. I was by no means saying you shouldn't vaccinate for rabies, or attempting to discredit your veterinarian and his/her opinions. Different vets do things differently, and I was just mentioning why some people (vets and otherwise) feel it's better to leave some time between vaccinations. I had no intention of upsetting you by saying that. They're your dogs and you should do whatever you feel comfortable with. I hope Jack feels better.
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