Poor Akina ...

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Well, Akina has had chronic urinary tract infections as well as two different types of crystals for the past year or two. We took her to a new vet today after our regular vet said that she would need to be on Hill's C/D for the rest of her life. Sorry, but I'm just not ok with that and I wanted another opinion. So, we saw the new vet, who we both really liked, and she referred us to a specialist because she needs a vulvoplasty. She totally agreed with us that Hill's is junk and actually said, "Please do not feed that to her." lol. The new vet talked to us for over an hour and gave her a very thorough examination. I guess the next step is to see the specialist and go from there. I'm really sad that she most likely has to undergo surgery, but if it fixes it then that is what's best. Unfortunately, it is definitely going to cost a lot of money, which we really just don't have. I kind of have no idea what we're going to do. I'm pretty stressed about this, but hopefully everything will work out for the best!


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    |bb| To both of you. Perhaps you can get Care Credit or work out a payment plan for her. My vet does sell some foods but usually is happy to recommend something else as well. They have various Hill's and other prescription brands but he never pushes them and will often suggest something else that is gentle on whatever organs are in question but also best for the dog. He knows for example that Akitas do best on a grain free diet and that soy free is an absolute must,both are found in most of the products on his shelves. My pups are currently doing very well on Blue Buffalo Wilderness,that may not be appropriate for bladder crystals though. I do have one question though,not because I can offer help but moreso out of interest. Is Akina spayed? If so how old was she when it was done? We had a similar problem many,many,years ago with a female Doberman that was spayed at 4 months because not knowing any better we followed the vet we were using's advice. We now know that it resulted in her persistent bladder problems as well as resulting in bone problems that eventually led to bone cancer. Although very rare we now know that this complications and health problems can in fact be traced to early spaying in larger breeds. I was just curious if that could have been part of Akina's problem.|:||:||:||bb| on getting her problems taken care of. You are obviously a very caring and concerned owner and only want the best for her.|:|:f
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    Thanks so much! Akina actually was spayed before her first heat. The vet asked us that and she said that it may have helped her vulva form more correctly, but it's so incorrect that it probably wouldn't have been much help. I now know that next time we will definitely wait to have our dog spayed.
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    You are very welcome. I truly wish I could be of more help.:( I can't imagine this being very easy on either of you. I have never had anything like this to deal with but my first Akita,Mattie who was actually Akita GSD and shared the looks of both,was pure Akita in temperment and traits whic is what caused me to learn and fall in love with the breed,was allergic to most of the planet from what we can guess and we worried constantly,practically camped at the vets office and struggled together through a little over 9 wonderful years. Our vet was wonderful to both us and her through all of it and we found him only because when she was 8 months old,bald,itchy,and miserable we weren't willing to listen to the two local vets,one of which we had trusted for years,that the only option was euthanasia and that her illness was mange. My grandmother had suggested the vet she was referred to in an emergency situation and liked him so much she switched. He did skin scrapings,bloodwork and talked with us for a long time,he also looked her over very carefully and told us it was not mange but a severe flea allergy causing most of her problems and she likely had others as well. Things were very different 17 years ago and things not treated then are treated now,and treatments have changed for many things as well but he gave her steroid and antihistamine injections and gave us some advantage to take home for after we bathed all of the other flea crap we had been using off of her. She went back to see him a month later with no more swollen black skin,no more obsessive scratching,several pounds heavier and with a full coat of fur. With the help of those injections several times a year and an occasional round of antibiotics if we couldn't get an appointment right away she kept that coat and did very well for us. I hope that you find a vet just as wonderful and willing to work with you to get Akina healthy and have as many wonderful years as possible with her.|:||:||:||bb| to both of you.
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