Odd Kelpie Behavior? HELP!

Daniel YoungDaniel Young Posts: 1Member
edited 2 June, 2012 in Australian Kelpie
Hi everyone, I'm new to the Kelpie breed and my little one, Jersey, has this habit of just suddenly going for people's feet. I'm taking her through Obedience 1 now at a local dog obedience school and nearly every time the trainer walks past Jersey shes lunges for her foot. It's only her foot, though. The weird part is that she's totally fine - the trainer can even work with her a bit. But as soon as she turns to walk away, Jersey goes for her foot. It's so sudden too... one minute she's normal and then she just goes for the foot... has anyone had this problem? I know that Kelpies are herding dogs and have a powerful herding instinct. I know that they naturally herd by nipping at the feet of livestock but I feel like this is inappropriate behavior that needs to be curbed now, especially since my wife and I are expecting a little one soon. The second part of Jersey's quirky behavior is that she loves to herd her sister, Sasha - who is a 10 year old greyhound. Sasha won't even be in the same room with Jersey anymore because Jersey just gets up and stares her down. Sasha then, inevitably turns and walks away, followed closely by Jersey. It's like she's penning her... which is also behavior we'd like to curb. Any help or advice would be great. I'm trying to give her as much exercise and mental stimulation and have gotten some great advice (and not so great advice.) The last thing I want to do is be physical with her, but I'm really worried about the sudden aggression. Thanks in advance!
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