Can someone tell me about Gastroenteritis in dogs?

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Gypsy Road had two cases of the runs, the night before last. Later yesterday morning, he threw up bile, twice in one sitting, but small amounts. We watched him throughout the day. At times, he wanted to play. At other times, he would walk or stand around. Gave him a small amount if boiled chicken and rice for dinner, which he ate. Took him out last night and he howled and scooted back into me. That's when we took him to the ER. He was hanging his butt low and drooling quite a bit. The doctor took a look at him, felt his abdomen and he didn't react, so they figured there was no pain. They could tell there was discomfort though. They put him on two an anti-biotic and the other is for his runs, if he has anymore. They gave him a shot for the discomfort and one for the nausea. This morning, he still seems to stand for a few minutes before he lays down. He had his first dose of the antibiotic this morning. He did eat a little of the chicken (they said to give him a bland diet over the weekend). He seems to be drinking water too, because he drank twice this morning, already. He just seems real slow (or tired/drugged) and it bothers me. The vet said it seemed like gastroenteritis. My question is, does it really sound like that? And if, how long before he starts acting like himself again? We've never seen him this slow before and I'm freaking out.


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    Gastroenteritis can be much worse. It's kind of like if all the sudden you got a tummy ache..the runs, vommitting and nothng else seems off, they will sometimes diagnose it as Gastroenteritis. It's happened to me a couple of times. The shot is to help with the naseaua and just in case there's some kind of bacterial virus, they give the antibiotics. It's possible its causing you to be a little sleepy. It's been so long I can't remember. I would say if you aren't feeling better after a couple of days on the medication (vommitting and the runs), I would contact my regular vet. Hopefully you feel better a little later =;|:|
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    Thanks. The doctor did mention that too...parasites, and stuff like that. It is better that I went in last night. I just don't like feeling off like this. Mom gave me some baby food this morniing and I gobbled that down. I'm peeing normally. At least Mom says it looks normal. Just not as much, but if I'm tired, then it would explain that. They said if I'm not improving by Monday, to call my doctor. Mom and Auntie just hope that I do. I did smile a little while ago and gave Mom some kissies. I know they don't need me being sick like this..since Mom is looking at possible back surgery...but I can't help it. I did chew a little off of Auntie's shorts either last night or the night before. I can't remember, but it wasn't a lot. Just a small hole. The doc said that sometimes we do that when we don't feel good. Thanks for the information though. Mom and Auntie are definitely keeping their eyes on me and babying me.
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