People Aggression, Frustration?

Patti DevriesPatti Devries Posts: 1,374Member
edited 13 February, 2013 in American Pit Bull Terrier
I'm thinking more of the coming months, it's too cold to walk in town, for doggie with fur shorter than a buzz cut...But really, how do you safely socialize a dog with stranger aggression? Not every stranger, if they approach him to pet him he gets happily waggy. It's more people passing by, joggers, bike riders, people waiting for the bus. With Sophie I avoid other dogs on leash, but Callie is pretty good about other dogs and doesn't even notice squirrels. But avoiding people? I'd like to work with him on this...suggestions???


  • Teqila CoreTeqila Core Posts: 27Member
    edited 11 February, 2013
    Can you explain a little bit more? How doe she re act when other people try to pet him? Does he launch, growl, bark, etc?
  • Patti DevriesPatti Devries Posts: 1,374Member
    edited 13 February, 2013
    There are people who have stopped to pet him and he wags his stump happily. It's just random though with people waiting for the bus, walking across the street, maybe walking up their own stairs in front of their house. There doesn't seem to be a type of person that sets him off. The only thing I've noticed so far is skateboards. Anyone with a skateboard makes him ballistic. But he's growled and stood up pulling at seniors, couples, joggers. It seems women with strollers and young kids don't set him off. He just seems to be leery of strangers in general...but if they approach him with a smile he's fine, problem is with his appearance he doesn't get alot of smiles
  • ChelsieChelsie Posts: 7Member
    I say it's more of strange surroundings. It my just be something simple as anxiety. Hope you find something to help hun. 
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